Around Tokyo

Hakone and Yugawara

Yoshimatsu(Hakone)Yoshimatsu (Hakone)
Takuminoyado Yoshimatsu is a luxury ryokan in Hakone near Lake Ashi... more
Hakone Ginyu(Hakone)Hakone Ginyu (Hakone)
Hakone Ginyu is a tranquil luxury ryokan in Hakone with Balinese influence... more
Hatsuhana(Hakone)Hatsuhana (Hakone)
Hatsuhana offers you a hospitality of a ryokan with Western hotel style comfort...more
Tsubaki_Appearance.jpgTsubaki (Yugawara)
Tsubaki is an elegant traditional Japanese ryokan situated in the serene mountains of


Ochiairou(Izu)Ochiairou (Izu, Izu Yugashima)
Ochiairou Murakami is a traditional luxury ryokan in a serene village in Izu... more
Arai-Ryokan(Izu,Shuzenji)Arai-Ryokan (Izu,Shuzenji)
Arai Ryokan is a traditional Japanese ryokan in the heart of historical town Shuzenji... more
Totei(Izu)Totei (Izu)
No better place in Izu offers us the luxury of overlooking cobalt blue ocean than Toutei... more
Arcana Izu(Izu)Arcana Izu (Izu, Izu Yugashima)
ARCANA IZU is a small luxury hotel in serenity offering excellent French cuisine ... more

Other area (Nikko, Gunma, Niigata)

Nikko Kanaya Hotel(Nikko)Nikko Kanaya Hotel (Nikko)
Nikko Kanaya Hotel is the oldest western-style hotel in Japan established in 1873... more
Kinseikan Seseagi (Tanigawa, Gunma)Kinseikan Seseagi (Tanigawa Onsen)
Kinseikan Seseragi is nestled along a beautiful river in Tanigawa Onsen... more
Ryugon(Niigata)Ryugon (Niigata)
Ryugon architecture utilizes traditional Japanese farmhouses rennovated for inn... more
Kinugawa_Kanaya_Room.jpgKinugawa Kanaya Hotel (Kinugawa Onsen)
Kinugawa Kanaya Hotel is a luxury Japanese-style hotel located in Kinugawa Onsen...more

These are some authentic luxurious ryokans (Japanese style inns) that we recommend. We can book other ryokans or international hotels depending on your travel plan or budget. Please contact us by E-mail ( or phone (81-3-5213-5040).