Kansai (Kyoto, Nara, Shiga, Hyogo)


mitsui_top.jpgHOTEL THE MITSUI KYOTO (Kyoto)
A luxury hotel located prominently in front of Nijo Castle, a World Heritage Site. more
Hiiragiya(Kyoto)Hiiragiya (Kyoto)
Elegance of the finest traditional Japanese style ryokan prevails at Hiiragiya... more
Gion Hatanaka(Kyoto)Gion Hatanaka (Kyoto)
Gion Hatanaka is a tranquil ryokan, a sharp contrast to lively near-by Gion area... more
Yuzuya Ryokan(Kyoto)Yuzuya Ryokan (Kyoto)
Yuzuya ryokan is Japanese Auberge with only 9 rooms, utilizing "Yuzu" citron... more
Yoshida-sanso(Kyoto)Yoshida-sanso (Kyoto)
A haven of elegant mountain serenity, just 10-minute ride from central Kyoto...more
Yoshikawa(Kyoto)Yoshikawa (Kyoto)
Yoshikawa, an established tempura restaurant and luxury inn, offers elegant time... more
Hoshinoya Kyoto(Arashiyama, Kyoto)Hoshinoya Kyoto (Arashiyama)
HOSHINOYA Kyoto is a luxury retreat along Oigawa river in Arashiyama...more


A small traditional Japanese ryokan, originally a sub-temple of Todaiji temple...more
Shikitei is prominently located in Nara Park, close to Nara's major sites... more
Tsukihi-tei Nara(Nara)Tsukihi-tei Nara(Nara)
A small ryokan in Nara very quietly nestled in Kasugayama Primeval Forest...more
sasayurian_top.jpgSasayuri-ann (Nara)
Sasayuri-ann is a private luxury accommodation comprised of two different traditional style villas...more

Shiga, Lake Biwa

L'HÔTEL DU LAC (Shiga, Lake Biwako)

A small luxury hotel quitely nestled near the shore of Northern Biwako lake ...more


Nakanobo Zuien (Arima Onsen)

Nakanobo Zuien is an established luxury ryokan situated in a natural mountain setting of Arima Onsen...more

Book your hotel and ryokan in Kyoto and Nara, home to Japanese culture. Stays in luxury ryokans enhance the pleasure of your stay in Kyoto and Nara. There are many ryokans in Kyoto and Nara. Here we select only the best ryokans in Kyoto and Nara.

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