Gourmet Tour Japan

Japan's reputation as a world-class dining destination makes Japan perfect for food tours. It keeps attracting our customers visiting Japan repeatedly. In its restaurant guide in Tokyo, Michelin awarded more three stars than those of Paris. Likewise, a number of restaurants in Kyoto, Osaka and other parts of Japan receive high-rating by foodies from around the world. Japan proudly offers delightful experience of top-notch cuisine.

Japanese culinary art is not limited to the realm of high-end cuisine. Furthermore, if you are interested in unique food experience, there are a number of ways. In Tokyo, small sushi bars in Tsukiji Fish Market offer fresh fish and seafood. There are street lined with sought-after ramen shops whose chef compete perfection of ramen. Depachika, literally meaning "basement of department store", tells you how important presentation is in Japanese culinary culture. If you have time to go to the countryside, fruit picking in different seasons will let you experience fresh sweet fruits (strawberry, cherry, grape, pears, peach, etc.) that are now being sold expensive outside of Japan.

We hope you will be able to immerse yourself in Japanese food culture through traveling with us. Different chefs in different cities offers delightful dining experiences in different seasons
Below are a few examples of our food tours in Japan.

Examples of Gourmet Tours

Examples of One Day Gourmet Tours