Tohoku (Northern Honshu)

Meigetsuso(Yamagata)Meigetsuso (Yamagata)
In a pastoral landscape of Yamagata, Meigetsuso is a luxury ryokan in Kaminoyama... more
Toryukan(Aizu)Toryukan (Aizu)
Toryukan is a Japanese traditional ryokan nestled along river in Yunokami Onsen ...more
Yudonoan(Yamagata)Yudonoan (Yamagata)
In a remote Yutagawa hot spring, Yudonoan blends western and Japanese elements...more
Shoan(Matsushima)Shoan (Matsushima)
Matsushima Shoan is a small luxury ryokan quietly nestled in the cape of Matsuhima... more
Kashoen (Iwate)Kashoen (Iwate)
Kashoen is a deluxe ryokan in Hanamaki Onsen, 1 hour drive from Hiraizumi .... more
Oirase Keiryu Hotel (Oirase,Aomori)Oirase Keiryu Hotel (Aomori)
Oirase Keiryu Hotel is nestled along Oirase Gorge in the pristine woods... more

Tohoku are ideal place for those who would like to see the countryside of Japan. These are some authentic luxurious ryokans (Japanese style inns) that we recommend. We can book other ryokans or international hotels depending on your travel plan or budjet. Please contact us by E-mail ( or phone (81-3-5213-5040).