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Message from the CEO

Seiichi Chada

Dear traveler,

Have you ever had a journey that left you with a lifelong memory? Since we started this company, the most rewarding moments for me and our colleagues have been when our customers really enjoyed their trip in Japan and they described it as "a trip of a lifetime".

In Japan, you can encounter a magical world of rich cultural heritage, the latest technological goods, exquisite cuisines, striking scenery of mountains, lakes and countryside, friendly people and more. It is an exceptionally rewarding place to travel.

However, Japan is not a country that can be explored easily even for experienced travelers or residents, unless you have access to quality information and traveling experience, not to mention a command of Japanese. If you wish to go beyond superficial sightseeing, you will benefit from having a travel concierge who can help you with knowledge and experience inside out.

Our goal as a Japan specialist travel company is to support discerning travelers in realizing their dream journey in Japan. Whether you travel from overseas, or you live in Japan and would like to make a trip around, this is a country with many different faces to offer. I started this company with the aim of creating travel experiences that are comfortable, pleasurable and inspiring for people who travel in Japan, with emphasis on serving non-Japanese speaking people. I hope that our sophisticated customers will fully appreciate Japan's attractiveness by traveling with us. Travel is all about making your dreams come true, whether it is cultural pursuit, adventure, relaxation, gourmet foods, learning or just fun.

Seiichi Chada

Our Mission

  1. We are committed to providing personalized travel service to our customers visiting Japan from all over the world to help create unique travel experiences that our customers will cherish for a lifetime.
  2. By allowing our guests to discover authentic Japan through travel, we aim to contribute to enhancing appreciation for and promoting preservation and evolution of the diverse beauty and value that Japan has to offer - rich culture, way of thinking, aesthetics, lifestyles and scenic beauty and more.

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