One day private tours

Our value - customized itinerary and arrangements - is best experienced by our custom travel services that can include all arrangements (private tours, hotels, transfers, unique experiences, etc.) for your entire travel period in Japan.

However, if you have only one or two days in Japan, or if you have already done with your hotel bookings, you may just need one or two days of private tours. To meet these needs, we offer one day private tours in Japan guided by a licensed guide. Our private guides are knowledgeable, friendly and flexible. Our locally-based English speaking guides will help create unforgettable travel experiences. Privately guided tours will be done at your pace.

Your tour plans are tailored to you. Let us know your interests so that we will propose your ideal itinerary.

Sample Private Tours by Area

Sensoji at sunset 3.JPG

Tokyo Private Tour

Tokyo highlight tour and other unique one day tours in Tokyo

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Kyoto Private Tour.jpg

Kyoto Private Tour

One day Kyoto highlight tour and other unique one day tours in Kyoto

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Mt. Fuji Private Tour.jpg

Day Trips from Tokyo

Private tours to Mt. Fuji, Hakone, Nikko, or Yokohama and more

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Osaka Castle.jpg

Osaka Private Tour

Private tour to learn Osaka's unique culture

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Nara Private Tour.jpg

Nara Private tour

Private tour in Nara, the oldest capital of Japan

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Mt Koya Private Tour.jpg

Mt. Koya Private Tour

Private tour in Mt. Koya (Koya-san)

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Kobe Private Tour.jpg

Kobe Private Tour

Private tour in Kobe

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Nagano Private Tour.jpg

Nagano Private Tour

Private tours in Nagano, Matsumoto, and more

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Hiroshima Miyajima Private Tour.jpg

Hiroshima Private Tour

Private tour in Hiroshima and Miyajima

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Kanazawa Private Tour Higashi chaya.jpg

Kanazawa Private Tour

Private tour in Kanazawa

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Sapporo Private Tour

Private tour in Sapporo

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Nagoya Private Tour

Private tour in Nagoya

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Shizuoka Private Tour

Private tour in Shizuoka (Green tea farm, Shimizu port, Sushi, Old post town, etc.)

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Himeji Private Tour

Private tour in Himeji

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Takamatsu Private Tour

Private tour in Takamatsu

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Nagasaki Private Tour

Private tour in Nagasaki

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Kagoshima Private Tour

Private tour in Kagoshima

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Why tour with us?

    • Customized Private Tour
      We will customize your own tour depending on your interests and preferences. Since all tours are private tours, you can enjoy your tour thoroughly at your pace.

    • Nationally-Licensed Guides
      Our locally-based guides who are knowledgeable, friendly and flexible ensure pleasant, comfortable and worry-free tours.

  • Authentic Experiences
    Our travel consultants from all over Japan with network and knowledge - not just highlights but also off the beaten paths - work passionately to enrich your experiences.

Request for a Private Tour

  • We offer private guided tours not only in Tokyo and Kyoto, but also in other parts of Japan. Also, your tours can be tailored to your specific interests.
  • All of our tour guides are nationally-licensed guide. While most are English-speaking, we also have guides who have license in the other language.
  • Tours are subject to availability of the guide. It is recommended that you book early.
  • Payment is to be requested by credit card in principle.