Meet the Staff

Seiichi Chada
Founder and CEO


I started Michi Travel Japan in 2006 with a belief that it would be wonderful if we could satisfy the unmet needs of international travelers to Japan who want personalized travel experiences. I am very delighted that many of our previous customers thoroughly enjoyed their travels in Japan and keep visiting Japan and introduce their families and friends to us.

When I was younger, I traveled to many countries. Trekking in Nepal, visiting beautiful villages in Europe, floating in the Dead Sea and visiting spectacular national parks in the United States are some of my lifelong memories.

Among my favorite places in Japan, the ones I prefer most are tranquil and peaceful places, which entices me to visit countryside on weekends. I was born and raised in Nara and spent my college days in Kyoto, both of which are old capitals of Japan, I hope you have time to explore their unique culture and to visit the hidden gems. Please also enjoy Tokyo where I live and do not miss some of the finest dining options Tokyo has to offer.

  • MBA from University of Chicago Graduate School of Business (2001)
  • LLB from Kyoto University (1994)
  • Certified National Guide

Yukiko Kokumo
Client Service Director


I joined Michi Travel Japan in 2007 after making a career change from the media. There were two reasons for this big change. I also had to leave the company in 2013 to live in the U.S., but returned in 2018 for the same two reasons.
One was my love for travelling and being used to planning a unique and fun-filled trip for my family. The skills I learned in the media has also helped me in doing extensive research for each customer's needs. When planning a trip for my customer, I make sure that it is a one-and-only trip, and it will create wonderful memories for him/her. When my customer sends a feedback filled with happiness, I always feel that I made the right decision to become a travel consultant.
The other reason was the company's warm atmosphere and each staff's passion to create an exciting trip. That warmth and passion is what makes Michi Travel the best custom travel agency in Japan, and this has not changed since I joined in 2007. I believe it will continue to be so as long as we are in business.
As for my own travel, I like to go far away from Tokyo. That's why my favorite places to visit are Hokkaido and Okinawa, the northern and southern parts of Japan. Also, I have two sons, so planning a family trip is one of my strong points. I am looking forward to creating a memorable trip with you!

Shiro Yagaki
Client Service Director


I joined Michi Travel Japan in 2019 after working for a Japanese trading/investment firm for 12 years.
I got to know Michi when I took my classmates from the MBA program I was attending to various places in Japan including Tokyo, Hakone, Osaka and Kyoto. With Michi's support, the trip turned out to be an unbelievable success and even after more than 6 years, many of my classmates I meet tell me that the trip to Japan was the best thing they did during his/her 2 years. This wonderful experience of introducing various aspects of my home country to the guests from all over the world guided my decision to make a complete career change and join Michi.
During my childhood, I spent a total of 9 years in the US. During the 12 years of my previous job, I had the privilege to work with people literally from all over the world. It has always been my pleasure to interact with people from different background and culture.
I look forward to planning personalized travel plan in Japan for my customers and creating memorable moments that would last for years even after going back home. It is very difficult for me to recommend a particular place to visit in Japan as there are so many interesting places. My advice is to visit Japan as many times as possible. We will be here to help you on every single occasion!

Kaoru Nonaka
Senior Travel Consultant / Certified National Guide


My work at Michi Travel Japan started as tour guide. I went on tours for their clients and often experienced to witness their full of joy and excitement of journey. Michi Travel knows the secret of offering the best service to you. So, I joined the company and would like to help people plan their ideal destinations to Japan.
I was born and raised in Tokyo. When I was a high school student, I decided to study in U.S.A. and went onto college. During the stay, I liked traveling by long-distance bus or train to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the cities and country-side. After graduating from college, I came back to Japan and started working in the international trading section in German company. Then, I joined American financial institution and mostly worked in risk management for more than 13 years.
One of the most memorable international trips was a tour to Bahamas for swimming with wild dolphins. I also like the peaceful and picturesque country in Italy, France and Switzerland.
Of course, I love travelling in Japan. My favorite places are Yakushima Island, Kumano Kodo, Matsue, Nara, Hakone and various other hot-spring resorts all over Japan.
I look forward to serving you as client service officer as well as tour guide.

Saki Shirata
Senior Travel Consultant / Certified National Guide

Saki Shirata

I was born in Kumamoto, which is south part of Japan. Kumamoto is blessed with the abundant nature such as the active volcano, Mt. Aso, beautiful islands in Amakusa, and a variety of hot springs. I spent my university days in Akita, which is north part of Japan. Akita has many kinds of traditional festivals in each season. What I recommend the most is Akita Kanto Festival in which performers balance long bamboo poles with array of paper lanterns attached to the end. While I was in the university, I had an opportunity to study in England for a year. I traveled around more than ten countries in Europe. Then, I thought that it would be wonderful if more international tourists visit Japan and become fans of Japan as I did while traveling overseas.

Japan has a variety of attractions in each city and in each season. I hope our customers find their favorite thing in Japan and come back to find another once again. I am looking forward to arranging a memorable trip with you!

Tomoyo Hamaoka Client Service


I have been interested in introducing Japanese culture since I was in university. When I was an exchange student at university in the U.S, I was a member of Japanese language exchange club, and had opportunities to present on Japan to other students. Instead of anime or manga which typically came to their mind, I presented traditional cultures such as tea ceremony or flower arrangement that I had learned from my childhood. This experience made me realize how unique and diverse Japanese cultures are, and I started to embrace a passion for spreading them to people around the world.
Every year, a couple of my friends from all over the world come and visit Japan, and I really enjoyed taking them to various areas. I also love to travel to see my foreign friends. They showed me around local places which I would not be able to find by myself. Travel can be more special and interesting if you have someone with local knowledge. I would like our guests to experience diverse aspects of Japan with my local advice and assistance, and visit Japan repeatedly. As a member of Michi Travel Japan, I will do my best to help create your memorable and unforgettable trips. It will be my pleasure if my guests become fans of Japan after traveling with us.

Yumi IshikawaClient Service


I love traveling because traveling has enriched my life and even broadened my horizons. I was originally born and raised in the bay area in Tokyo. When in the high-school, I decided to study abroad to improve my English skill and spent 1 year in Tasmania(Australia) as an exchanging student. Since then I have been keen on traveling. My host family took me around Tasmania while I was there and after finishing the study, I traveled around Sydney, Cairns and Uluru. When I was in the University I traveled around Japan and many countries from Europe to Asia. All these experiences inspired me and, they made me realize how Japan is attractive and Japan has full of marvelous destinations. Therefore, I always wanted to introduce various aspects of Japan such as the beauty of the nature, the good food, the art and the diverse Japanese culture. Then I joined Michi Travel Japan to support your trip in Japan. Japan has many aspects that can meet your requests, and even make your dreams come true. I will do my best to make your trip in Japan special. It will be my real pleasure if you could have unforgettable trip with us.

Arisa SakamotoClient Service


When I first got to know Michi Travel Japan, I quickly became confident that this was the ideal job I had been looking for. I would like to make people happy through planning unique itinerary for each guest, which is precisely what Michi Travel does.
I love traveling both within and outside Japan. Enjoying breathtaking nature, beautiful artworks, pretty views of cities, and food I have never had, traveling always allows me to discover new things. Traveling, especially traveling abroad, is also an opportunity to change my way of thinking, since it is often times a very different experience compared to what I'm familiar with.
I was born and raised in Yamanashi, where Mt. Fuji is. When I was a child, I used to go to Fuji Five Lakes when visiting my grandparents and became acquainted with the beauty of nature around Mt. Fuji. I also spent time in Hokkaido and Tokyo for several years. I have traveled a lot and I found different appealing aspects in different areas and noticed that Japan is a beautiful country that has so many places to visit with different faces each season.
My greatest pleasure would be making your travel to Japan the fondest memory that you would look back years after. I am looking forward to helping you fulfill your wishes and create a trip that exceeds your highest expectation.

Megumi ShodaClient Service


I was born and raised in Tokyo. Since my childhood days, I have been in love with traveling mostly outside of Japan. Traveling abroad always makes me realize that there are parts of the world beyond my knowledge and imagination, which has contributed to my personal growth.
Through my days in Spain during my first year of university, I became a fan of the country where I spent 10 months studying at a language school in a small town. Even in this remote town, people were talking very highly of the experiences of traveling to Japan and it made me rethink the charm of my own country.
After graduating from university, I worked 4 years in a HR department of a medical company. I have had opportunities to guide my friends from different parts or the world and through these experiences I came to think that it would be wonderful if I could share diverse aspects of Japan with more people coming from outside.
There is a thing that I love: Having tasty pancakes at fancy cafés. In Tokyo, you can enjoy variety of pancakes. I have visited most of the famous cafés serving pancakes and I know which ones are worth visiting. If you are interested, I am happy make suggestions.
As a member of Michi Travel Japan, I will do my best to make your trip as memorable and enjoyable as possible.

Nao Yonei Client Service


I came back to Michi Travel Japan since 2013, when I left Japan due to my family reasons and moved to USA. During my career at Michi, I found it very interesting to propose a dream trip for someone coming to Japan and introduce experiences they never expected before. In the US, almost everybody I met there was interested in Japan and told me that they would like to visit Japan someday. Even those who spent a few years in Japan also wanted to come again and visit somewhere they never had a chance to do so. As you can imagine, Japan is an interesting country and the more you know, there will still be places you might want to visit. It has been a while, but luckily, I had a chance to work at Michi Travel Japan again. It would be a pleasure for me to introduce the places of your interest.

Reiko Abe Client Service


I spent my childhood in Hong Kong for 3 years, and in New York for 9 years. Having chances to visit japan in the summer every year, even as a child, i was always proud for the japanese culture, safety, and for the kindness of people. After permanently returning to Japan and spending time here, I realized the diversity of each region's culture, the depth of Japanese cuisine, and the splendor of Japanese hospitality. With my experience of working at a luxury hotel in tokyo for 7 years and then joining Michi Travel Japan in 2023, I am learning everyday the infinite charm of Japan, and that there is so much more of this country that should be experienced more by people all around the world. I will do my best to make your Japan trip a memorable one, and make sure you become a fan, so that you can always feel japan as your "second home".

Ayu Suzuki Client Service


I've been lucky enough to travel from a young age with my family to a lot of amazing places in Japan. My father always told me that travel is the best investment you can make for yourself, which ignited my desire to immerse myself in new cultures and environments. Some of my best experiences in Japan have been stargazing in Nagano, island hopping in Okinawa, and hiking in Hokkaido. However, if I had to choose my all-time favourite holiday spot, it would undoubtedly be Hida-Takayama. Nestled in the heart of Japan, this city boasts a charmingly preserved old town and provides ample opportunities for hiking and winter sports in the Japanese Alps.
My eyes really light up when I hear the word "Ramen". I especially like tonkotsu ramen. I would be delighted to introduce my favourite ramen restaurants that serve this beloved dish, which features thick noodles and creamy tonkotsu and soy sauce broth.
Travel is my passion, and it is core to my being. Talking about holidays every day is the most fulfilling part of my career and it would be my absolute pleasure to be a part of creating the perfect holiday for my clients, right down to the smallest details.

Mahiru Takeda Client Service


My passion to share the wonderful travel experiences and the charm of various regions and cultures in Japan has led me to join Michi Travel Japan.
When I was in high school, I spent a year as an exchange student in the state of Ohio, USA. Ten years later, my friend from Ohio came to Japan. She was particularly interested in immersive arts/museums and Japan's natural scenery, so I helped her visit what she wanted such as innovative digital art museum and Kumano Kodo pilgrimage trail. After the trip she told me that her two-week trip had been very fulfilling and enjoyable. This experience helped me realize how important and fun it is to craft an itinerary that fits your tastes and preferences.
Now, what are you looking for in your trip to Japan? I will support your trip in Japan professionally. I am looking forward to making your trip to Japan a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

Yuuka Suzuki Client Service


People I met abroad inspired me to transition into the tourism industry. During my solo-travels in Europe, local residents helped me out whenever I got lost, and they generously shared valuable tips and hidden gems of the region. This experience motivated me to assist visitors to Japan, which I hope will help return the favor.

I have lived in Chiba (near Tokyo) and Osaka, as well as Canada and Ireland. Living both in Japan and abroad allowed me to appreciate a myriad of charms that Japan has to offer. I look forward to helping design your trip in Japan, thereby providing once-in-a-lifetime memories for you!

Shizune Oyatsu Client Service


I was born in Tochigi, located in the north of Tokyo, which offers a wide range of charming attractions from historical structures to relaxing nature. However, the prefecture is relatively unknown and less popular compared to major destinations such as Tokyo and Osaka. The fact that there are many fascinating but lesser-known destinations across Japan including my hometown has fueled my interest in tourism. As a travel consultant, I am eager to introducing people to not only famous cities but also local destinations depending on their interests. I have experienced the value of such itinerary firsthand. As a student, I was in Canada for a year and made many friends with different backgrounds. One of them is from Mexico, who showed me around his hometown. Places he took me were not only touristic attractions but also places only locals visit, which gave me memorable experiences and a lot of insights into Mexican traditions and cultures. Just as my friend from Mexico did, I would like to make your trip the best one ever by putting together an itinerary that introduces you to various attractions of Japan.

Atsumi Morizono Client Service, Certified National Guide


I was born in Nagasaki, located in the Kyushu island of Japan. I have long wanted to introduce Japan to people from all over the world since when I was a junior high school student. After graduating from university and worked three years in Tokyo for one of the most famous travel agencies in Japan, I joined Michi Travel in 2014 to make my career dream come true. It has been a real pleasure to work with clients from all around the world looking for unique travel experineces in Japan. Our customers are looking for custom-made private itineraries and travel experiences. So, I was fortunate to introduce not only famous destinations, such as Tokyo, Kyoto, and Hokkaido but also countryside including Nagasaki, which is my hometown. I will continue to do my best for all of you make a wonderful trip throughout Japan as a member of Michi Travel.