Day Trips in / from Osaka

Kansai region is where Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Kobe, Mt. Koya and other popular destinations are located. In anticipation of our guests' passion for in-depth discoveries and authentic experiences, we would like to introduce a collection of private day trips in and from Osaka. Our private tours include customized itineraries, cultural experiences and personalized services for our discerning guests. Our enthusiastic and friendly local guides are willing to share their expert knowledge of your destinations.

Below are popular one day destinations from Osaka. Click each photo or title to see sample itineraries. We are happy to customize your itinerary according to your interests and needs. If your departure city is other locations, please let us know.

Day Trips from Osaka
(Private Tours from Osaka)


Osaka Private Tour

Osaka is a thriving metropolis full of vibrant local culture. Explore Osaka with your private guide who helps you to discover its unique cultures. Read more -->


Kyoto Private Tour

Enjoy our privately guided tour of Kyoto. Let our locally-based English speaking guides help you explore Kyoto - Japan's cultural heart.
Read more -->


Nara Private Tour

Nara Private Tour will allow you to experience the best of Nara and lesser-known gems dating back in its 1300-year history. Learn about Nara's stories and masterpieces by visiting Todaiji and other UNESCO World heritage sites with our licensed guide. Read more -->


Kobe Private Tour

Enjoy with our private guide to explore Kobe, an important photogenic trade city since Japan's opening of the port in 1868. Read more -->


Mt. Koya Private Tour

Mount Koya is a Japan's representative holy town which offers travelers an unparalleled atmosphere of Japan's spiritual and cultural depth as well as natural beauty. Read more -->

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Why tour with us?

    • Customized Private Tour
      We will customize your own tour depending on your interests and preferences. Since all tours are private tours, you can enjoy your tour thoroughly at your pace.

    • Nationally-Licensed Guides
      Our locally-based guides who are knowledgeable, friendly and flexible ensure pleasant, comfortable and worry-free tours.

  • Authentic Experiences
    Our travel consultants from all over Japan with network and knowledge - not just highlights but also off the beaten paths - work passionately to enrich your experiences.


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Private Tours in other destinations

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We can also arrange privately-guided tours in other destinations throughout Japan. Also, your tours can be tailored to your specific interests such as culture, food, and nature.