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Nagasaki_Private_Tour_Peace_Park.jpgNagasaki is the only port city that was open to foreign countries in Japan during the isolation (1641-1858) period, allowing the city to flourish its unique culture, history and food. From atomic bomb related sites, historical western residents, and Hidden Christian church, to mesmerizing night views, Nagasaki is full of charms that you cannot miss.

Sample Itinerary (9-hour tour)

First, visit Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum where you will learn about the devastating experience of the second atomic bombing after Hiroshima. You will find films, pictures, and actual wreck of churches that tell about the truth of the catastrophe, conveying message for the abolition of all nuclear weapons and eternal world peace.

Nagasaki Peace Memorial Park, where the museum is located in, offers a number of monuments given from sister cities and countries, the Fountain of Peace, and the Peace Statue. Take a stroll through the park in the tranquil atmosphere and commemorate the victims of the atomic bombing.

If you are interested, visit also Urakami Cathedral, relics from the atomic bombing located right next to the park.

Continue your journey to Dejima, a former artificial island from the country's isolation period. When Japan closed its door to overseas, Netherlands was the only western country allowed to commerce with Japan, and Dejima was built to segregate the Dutch from the Japanese citizens to avoid Christianity from spreading in the country. Take a glimpse of curious lifestyle of the Dutch and the Japanese people at the time by observing Dejima's historical residences, warehouses, gates and exhibitions. Learn how Dejima had an important role and influenced modern Japan.

For your lunch, savor Champon (ramen noodle with mixed stir fry created by local Chinese people) or Shippoku (Chinese & Portuguese influenced full-course Japanese cuisine) which we recommend as a unique experience in Nagasaki.


On your way to your lunch, enjoy a short walk on gentle stone-paved road filled with Knick-Knack shops, local sweet cafes, and museums. Then, take a visit to Oura Cathedral, Japan's oldest Catholic wooden church, one of "Hidden Christian sites in the Nagasaki region" designated as World Heritage. This church is dedicated to the 26 martyrs who were executed when the Christians were harshly persecuted in Japan. You may have a reverence for the hidden Christians who had strong faith in Christianity and bore severe persecution for long years.


Afterward, continue to a stone-paved narrow street of Kinen-zaka, filming location for several movies. It offers atmospheric scenery of Nagasaki city and Oura cathedral, giving you a perfect photo opportunity.

Lastly, explore Glover Garden. Located on top of the hill of Minami-Yamate, this picturesque garden consists of multiple historical buildings including residences of British merchants who contributed to Japan's industrial field and the modernization of Japan. These houses and surroundings are also known for Puccini's opera Madame Butterfly. In the buildings, you can explore well-preserved rooms with displays such as their furniture and other daily items, observing their interesting lifestyle. Another highlight here is several beautiful vistas of Nagasaki city and harbor. Hilltop location creates the delightful scenery, and an admiring view from a veranda of the merchant's house is must-see. Wrap up your day appreciating scenic beauty and feeling its unique history.



Mt. Inasa Observation point
Nagasaki is chosen as one of the three best night views in the world. From Mt. Inasa Observation Point (333 metre high), you can look over Greater Nagasaki with its harbor around sunset time. Take in a captivating view of Nagasaki mountains, coastline, and other Nagasaki's important cultural facilities.


Gunkanjima Hashima island tour
Gunkanjima once flourished with the offshore coal mining industry and was densely populated than Tokyo during the 1960s but now is an abandoned island. Its appearance, enclosed by cement walls, resembles to that of a battleship ("gunkan" in Japanese). Take a tour by ferry with your guide to this unique island that experienced its ups and downs. On the island, a storyteller will explain the history of the island and the life of islanders at the time. Feel the dynamic and mysterious ambience that this island exudes.

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Including: Nationally-licensed English-speaking tour guide, admission fees, public transportations, service charge and consumption tax
Not Including: Lunch

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