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Located at the Southwest end of Japan archipelago, Kyushu is blessed with warm weather and majestic nature varying from active volcanos, upwelling hot springs, to scenic coastlines. Kyshu also has a history of being influenced by foreign countries such as China, Southeast Asia, and Europe. Traces of exotic old foreign culture can be seen in some of the major cities. For food lovers, a unique culture of local cuisine can be enjoyed in each area of Kyushu.

Located in the northernmost area of Kyushu Island, Fukuoka is a gateway to the sightseeing in Kyushu.
Boasting the largest population in Kyushu, it has been served as an economic and cultural center...more
Located in the northwest of Kyushu Island, Saga is well known as a world-famous pottery production area. Traditional techniques inherited in Karatsu, Arita, and Imari and their unique and beautiful potteries have attracted visitors throughout the history...more
Nagasaki played an important role as Japan's early gateway to trade with Western countries and China. Being influenced internationally from early days, Nagasaki is full of historical, traditional and cultural charms...more
Oita Prefecture, located in the northeast area of Kyushu, is famous for a variety of hot springs. It boasts the largest quantity of hot spring water in Japan. The southwestern area of the prefecture is designed as Aso Kuju National Park and...more
Kumamoto, located in central Kyushu, is known in Japan as "Land of Fire" with an active volcano in Aso. Kumamoto receives many blessings from the volcanic mountain in Aso such as a number of hot springs, clear waters...more
Located on the southeast side of Kyushu, Miyazaki is a tropical resort with warm climate. Its west side includes a part of the Kyushu Mountains and the east side faces the Pacific Ocean. Thanks to its unique location...more
Kagoshima, the southernmost prefecture of Kyushu, is a land of history and nature. The powerful clan, Shimadzu family, ruled the area from the 12th to 19th century. You can observe the family's prosperity...more

Recommended Accommodation in Kyushu

Yoyokaku(Karatsu, Saga)Yoyokaku (Karatsu, Saga)
Yoyokaku is an elegant traditional ryokan in Karatsu, famous pottery town... more
Hanzuiryo(Unzen, Nagasaki)Hanzuiryo (Unzen, Nagasaki)
Ryotei Hanzuiryo is a luxury ryokan in Unzen national park in Nagasaki... more
Kai Aso(Aso)Kai Aso (Aso)
Twelve private villas of KAI Aso are nestled in the woods of quiet forest...more
Sankara (Yakushima)Sankara (Yakushima)
Sankara is a small luxury resort hotel in pristine green surroundings in Yakushima island... more