Central Japan

Hida Takayama

Honjin Hiranoya Kachoan(Takayama)Honjin Hiranoya Kachoan(Takayama)
HonjinHiranoya Kachoan is the most established Japanese ryokan in Takayama... more
Wanosato(Hida Takayama)Wanosato(Hida Takayama)
Wanosato is pastoral small luxury retreat with 8 rooms in Takayama's nature...more


Myojinkan(Matsumoto)Myojinkan (Matsumoto)
Myojinkan, luxury hotel highly rated for refined design, sophisticated cuisine, onsen... more
Hotel Saginoyu (Suwa)Hotel Saginoyu (Suwa)
Hotel Saginoyu, situated in front of Lake Suwa, has a long history ... more
KAI MatsumotoKAI Matsumoto (Matsumoto)
KAI Matsumoto is located in a historical Asama onsen hot spring area... more
Hoshinoya KaruizawaHoshinoya Karuizawa
HOSHINOYA Karuizawa is a flagship ryokan operated by Hoshino Resort... more
Kanbayashi Hotel Senjukaku is a popular ryokan for those visiting snow monkeys ... more
Masuichi Kyakuden(Obuse)Masuichi Kyakuden(Obuse)
Masuichi Kyakuden, a small hotel in Obuse, famous for Ukiyo-e artist Hokusai...more

Kanazawa, Kaga Onsen (Ishikawa) and Toyama

Asadaya(Kanazawa)Asadaya (Kanazawa)
Asadaya, established Japanese auberge in historical city Kanazawa...more
Araya Totoan(Yamashiro Onsen)Araya Totoan (Yamashiro Onsen)
Araya Totoan is one of the finest ryokans in Yamashiro onsen with a long history... more
Ryokusone Toranoo Room.jpgRyokusone (Kanazawa)
Ryokusone is a small boutique ryokan quietly nestled in Kanazawa. ..more
River Retreat Garaku(Toyama)River Retreat Garaku(Toyama)
River Retreat Garaku is a small luxury hotel quietly situated... more

Ise Shima

Shima Kanko Hotel Bay Suite(Ise Shima)Shima Kanko Hotel Bay Suite (Ise Shima)
Shima Kanko Hotel Bay Suite, venue of 2016 G7 summit, a retreat facing Ago bay... more
Nagi Suite bedroom_Office_169.jpgAmanemu (Ise Shima)
Amanemu, Aman's second property in Japan is a luxury hot spring resort nestled ion the shores of Ago Bay... more

These are some hotels and luxurious ryokans (Japanese style inns) that we recommend. We can book other ryokans or international hotels depending on your travel plan or budget. Please contact us by E-mail (commentsmtj@michitravel.com).