Kaminoyama Onsen [Yamagata]


Just two and a half hours from Tokyo by bullet train, you will reach a pastoral landscape of Yamagata, which is loved by many discerning travelers. Mr. Reischauer, the former US ambassador to Japan, described it as "another Japan" meaning that Yamagata is a beautiful land which brings one's mind back to how Japan used to be in the old days. Kaminoyama-Onsen is a peaceful hot spring town with a scenic view of Zao mountains that perfectly fits Mr. Reischauer's words.

Meigetsuso is an elegant and luxurious ryokan with only twenty rooms in a vast area of land. Each room is separated like a cottage with privacy. All the rooms have a small dining room to enjoy breakfast at your pace. Meigetsuso also has a "kura", a wine cellar with special sakes and wines. Selecting the perfect one for your dinner will be enjoyable. Innovative ideas from overseas resort hotels harmoniously blending with Japanese traditional elements is the reason for the ryokan's popularity. You can also feel warm hospitality throughout its services. You can fully enjoy your time spent at this resort ryokan at a leisurely pace.

Accommodation Type Ryokan
Access Approx. 2 hrs. 40 min. from Tokyo
Price Range* From 30,600 yen/person
Environment Hill with scenic views of Zao mountains
Room 20 (Each rooms is a detached room connected by corridor)
Private Bath All rooms with private bath, Family chartered bath (Indoor and outdoor)
*Prices vary depending on room types.
Per person, per night for double occupancy, weekdays on regular seasons.
Please check when booking.

Basic Information


  • Contemporary wooden-made one-storied building.  Uniquely styled resort ryokan with a taste is Japanese and Western elements nicely blended.
  • Space you can relax such as concert hall and lounge avaiable. Warm and refined atmosphere supported by young staff members.


  • Dinner is served in your room.
  • Dinner is a course meal utilizing local food.
  • You can choose between Japanese style and Western style for breakfast.


  • All rooms are equipped with baths.
  • Large common bath.
  • Family bath can be chartered for private use.


  • Check in from 14:00.
  • Check out 11:30
  • Internet connection: Yes
  • English: Yes

Room type and prices

Every room has a different charm. All guestrooms are detached rooms and connected with each other by corridors. Each room is spacious an has a special dining corner.

Prices differ depending on room types and seasons. Please check when booking.

If shared by two persons From 30,600 / person
If shared by three persons From 28,500 / person
If shared by four persons From 27,450 / person
  • The rates are for per person, per night including dinner and breakfast.
  • Service charge and consumption tax are included.
  • Price for children varies depending on age and requests.

■ Credit card





By train (from Tokyo)

  • Tokyo station -[JR: Yamagata Shinkansen: 150 min.] - Kaminoyama Onsen station- [Taxi: 5 min] - Meigetsuso

By car

  • Fukushima Iisaka IC of Tohoku Highway -R13 -Kaminoyama Onsen

Recommended activities

Yamagata Sightseeing (Yamadera, Tendo, etc.) , Fruit picking

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