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Nara Private Tour will allow you to experience the best of Nara and lesser-known gems dating back in its 1300-year history. Learn about Nara's stories and masterpieces by visiting Todaiji and other UNESCO World heritage sites with our licensed guide. Our guides are knowledgeable, energetic, and flexible to your needs. Since private tours are fully customizable, let us know your interests, and we will propose your ideal itinerary for your Nara private tour.

Nara is Japan's first capital in 710 and retains temples, shrines and other historical masterpieces. Friendly deer will welcome visitors at Nara Park. You will admire cultural and historical assets including 16 m high bronze Buddha housed in Todaiji Temple

Sample Itinerary (8-hour tour)

Meet your guide at your hotel in Osaka or Kyoto, and move to Nara by public transportation. - Travel time to Nara is approximately 1 hour from each city. (Or, if you stay in Nara, your tour can start and end in Nara.)

Start your day at Nara Park, pleasant massive park, where more than 1,200 deer are roaming. If you like, try feeding them with "Senbei (rice cracker)" that is sold at the park. They are so tame that they bow asking for the snacks.
Deer Nara Private Tour.jpg
After strolling the park, visit Todaiji Temple. Constructed in 752, the temple houses the Japan's biggest bronze statue of Great Buddha. Walk through its temple gate Naidaimon housing masterpiece statues of guardian deities. Todaiji, one of the world's largest wooden buildings, is awe-inspiring. After admiring Great Buddha, if you like leisurely walking, take an upward stone-paved path to Nigatsu-do where a panoramic view of Nara city can be enjoyed.
Nara Private Tour - Daibutsu.jpg

For your lunch, Nara's local specialty, Kakinohazushi (pressed sushi wrapped in persimmon leaves), is recommended. Other options can be recommended by your guide.

Then, see Nara's most cerebrated shrine, Kasugataisha Shrine. The shrine is believed to be dedicated to the deity who protected the city since its establishment in 768. The path leading to the shrine is lined with many lanterns donated by worshippers.
Nara Private Tour -  Kasuga Shrine.jpg
Afterward, visit Kofukuji Temple. Originally built in 730, the temple used to be the family temple of the Fujiwara, the most powerful family of this period. You will see the five-storied pagoda, 50.8 m high, which is regarded as a symbol of Nara. Here, you will also visit Kokuhokan Museum (National Treasure Museum) which is internationally renowned as the best collection of Japanese sculpture including a standing dry-lacquer figure of Ashura (one of the Buddha's eight protectors) and the bronze head of Yakushi Nyorai (the Healing Buddha) etc.
Nara Private Tour - Kofukuji.JPG
Lastly, stroll around Nara-machi which is said to be the oldest town in Nara. Lots of private houses of the 19th century are well preserved and still in use. There are nice restaurants, craft shops, and historical houses which are open to public in this area. If you like, you can take a glimpse of Japanese traditional culture through activities such as private tea ceremony, craft making etc.

Then, go back to your hotel in Osaka or Kyoto. It will take about 1 hour by public transportation.

* As for lunch, the guide will recommend a nice restaurant depending on what you feel like eating this day. Lunch fee is not included in the tour price.


If you would like to visit other places in Nara such as the following places, please let us know so that we can modify the itinerary.
Nara Private Tour - Isuien.jpg

Option 1: Isuien Garden
Isuien is a beautiful garden that utilize Nara's mountain as part of its landscape design. Stroll around two areas through hills, streams and ponds which features the natural Japanese landscape. If you would like, take a short break at a tea house with Macha green tea and Japanese sweet, wagashi.

Nara Private Tour - Shikayose .jpg

Option 2: Shika Yose
Shika Yose means herding deer by horn blowing. Hundreds of wild deer will come out from the dense forest adjacent to the vast Nara Park. You will see its odd view that deer march to a horn player to be fed, which previous emperors also enjoy this unique event. [Additional cost is required. / Subject to availability]

Price for this sample itinerary

(price per group)

2 persons3 persons4 persons
8 hours 83,000 yen 89,000 yen 96,000 yen

(10% consumption tax included)

Including: English speaking tour guide, entrance fees, public transportation
Not Including: Lunch fee

  1. The price is for the above sample itinerary.
  2. We will customize your own tour depending on your interests and time. Include any site you wish. The duration of your tour can be arranged from 4 hours.
  3. Private car can be arranged for extra fee
  4. Please contact for more than 5 persons
  5. This itinerary assumes starting and ending the tour either in Osaka or Kyoto. If you would like to start or end in Nara or other cities, please contact us for the itinerary and price.

Request for a Private Tour

To request for a Private Tour, contact us by E-mail ( or call us (03-5213-5040). Please tell us the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. Number of persons in the group
  3. Date of the tour
  4. Starting time and length of tour
  5. Meeting place
  6. Places you would like to visit (or write "recommended travel" if you would like us to plan your day)
  7. Interests
  8. lunch requests


Please pay by credit card. You will receive an E-mail with an URL where payment can be made online. The page is protected by Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to ensure the safety of your credit card information. We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Diners, and JCB.

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