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Nagoya_Private_Tour_Misonikomi_Udon.jpgEnjoy our Nagoya Private Tour. Nagoya is the capital of Aichi Prefecture located in the central Japan, where all the bullet trains between Tokyo and Kyoto make a stop. It has a long history as a castle town, and is known as a place linked with the three notable samurai warriors, Nobunaga Oda, Hideyoshi Toyotomi and Ieyasu Tokugawa. Nowadays, Nagoya and neighboring cities including Toyota plays a vital role in Japan's manufacturing industry, automobile industry in particular. Nagoya is also renowned for its unique local food culture. You will enjoy Nagoya from various aspects including history, industry and food according to your interests.

Sample Itinerary (9-hour tour)

Start with visiting Nagoya Castle which was originally established in the early 17th century by Ieyasu Tokugawa, first shogun of Tokugawa clan, who ruled Japan as Shogun for about 260 years. Though destroyed by air raids during World War II, this reconstructed castle tower has created not only historical significance but also a symbol of Nagoya. At Hommaru Palace, decorative metal fittings, and the fine art gracing walls have been recreated by traditional master craftsmen and artists with their maximum efforts.


Note: The Main Tower Keep (Tenshukaku) is currently closed for the restoration work until 2022.

Move to The Tokugawa Art Museum, opened in 1935, which houses a collection of The Tokugawa family. In this museum, you will be able to learn the lifestyle of Samurai family by various exhibits from armors & swords used in the real battlefield during the Warring States Period in the 16th century to gracious interior decors of Samurai's mansion.

Toyota, the world leading car manufacturer, is headquartered in Toyota city, neighboring city of Nagoya. Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology is designed to pass down the industrial history and heritage of Toyota Group to future generations. In the museum, you will be able to learn the two major business of Toyota group, textile machinery and automobile engineering, from the birth to the latest.


For lunch, enjoy "Nagoya Meshi" the local food of Nagoya. Nagoya has its unique and delicious dishes such as Hitsumabushi (a bowl of eel grilled in soy based sause served on top of rice), Misonikomi Udon (Udon noodles in a hot pot with miso), Tebasaki (chicken wings) and more.

After lunch, take a train to Tokoname, one of the six ancient pottery kilns of Japan. Enjoy walking along Pottery footpath which retains the atmosphere of the period when ceramic industry was the most prosperous. Many creators and craftsmen still live and work here. On holidays, the area attracts pottery collectors, photography enthusiasts looking for quaint buildings and scenery. Take a stroll and enjoy shopping at pottery galleries and cafes in Tokoname.


On the way back to Nagoya, visit Atsuta Jingu Shrine. Atsuta Jingu, which is founded 1900 years ago, is considered one of the most prestigious shrines in Japan as it houses the kusanagi-no-tsurugi ("Grass-Mowing Sword"), a sacred sword which is one of the three sacred Imperial regalia. Your guide will take you to your hotel or Nagoya station.



SCMAGLEV and Railway Park
SCMAGLEV and Railway Park allows visitors to learn the evolution of high-speed railway technology through exhibitions of bullet trains of various generations and SCMAGLEV, Superconductive Magnetically Levitated Vehicle, set to link Nagoya and Tokyo in 40 minutes commencing from 2027. This is a must-see for railway enthusiast.


Satsuki and Mei's House
If you are a Ghibli fan, visit the house from "My Neighbour Totoro" in real life. Satsuki and Mei's house is located in Moricoro Park (Aichi Expo Park,) where the 2005 World Expo was held.

Price for this sample itinerary

(price per group)

2 persons3 persons4 persons
9 hours 88,000 yen 93,000 yen 106,000 yen

(10% consumption tax included)

Including: Nationally-licensed English-speaking tour guide, admission fees, public transportations, service charge and consumption tax
Not Including: Lunch

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