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img_blog01.jpgSouth Izu - Ocean Getaway from Tokyo
Our family dreamed of crystal clear blue sea and nice sea food for our three-day getaway, but it must be easily accessible from Tokyo.... See more
img_blog02.jpgWinter trip to Shirakawago and Takayama
Shirakawago is one of the rare villages in Japan which have preserved sustainable rural lifestyles and untouched countryside landscapes... See more
img_blog03.jpgBeautiful Japan's Countryside
Niigata prefecture is well known among Japanese for Koshihikari - considered as the best rice in Japan. Moreover... See more
img_blog04.jpgDay trip to Fuji Five Lake
We made a day trip from Tokyo to Fuji Five Lake area in January 2014. Leaving Tokyo in the early morning, majestic Mt. Fuji came into view ... See more
img_blog05.jpgNagano, Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park and Obuse
I travelled to Nagano city for 3 days. In about 1.5 hours from Tokyo by bullet train, I was at Zenkoji ... See more
Shashin-ga-take_blog.jpgHiking through Ohenro in a day trip from Takamatsu, Shikoku
Immerse yourself in Ohenro in a day trip from Takamatsu... See more
Happoike Pond Private Tour.jpgTraveling in Nagano in green season
Enjoyed splendors of Nagano in summer. Hiking, history and food in Hakuba and Togakushi in Nagano... See more
JapanTopGardenAdachiMuseum.pngVisiting Shimane for best gardens in Japan
Shimane is home to some of the best Japanese gardens, including Adachi Museum of Art, Minamikan and Yushien. Enjoy your garden tour in Shimane, fascinating but often-overlooked area of Japan. See more

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