About Our Services

What services does Michi Travel Japan offer?

We offer Custom Travel service, which includes tailor-made itinerary, bookings of hotels, transportations, privatel guided tours, restaurants and other inspiring experiences. Tailor-made itinerary usually combines days of private tours and days at leisure, though some tours are escorted by the private guide for the entire period. Our final version of "fully personalized itinerary" includes detailed information that is useful for your travel. You can gain peace of mind, by knowing that all the travel arrangements are taken care of us on your behalf and the travel will flow smoothly. Most customers, particularly repeating customers, use this Custom Travel service, since they know the value and benefits of appointing us as their travel advisor/planner. Though it would be best if we can orchestrate the entire trip, we also have a few customers who may just need individual bookings. For example, some customers have only one or two free days in Japan and turn to us to arrange private tours only. We are also happy to meet those needs. In fact, some customers used us in their bookings of ryokans only in their first trip, and they liked our communication, and decide to use our custom travel service in their next trip to let us arrange everything. Our license status granted by Tokyo Metropolitan Government under the Japanese Travel Agency Law allows us to provide domestic (inside Japan) travel services without restriction.

I live outside of Japan. Can you book international flight to Japan through Michi Travel?

No. We are sorry, but we do not sell international flights. We take care of your travel arrangemets within Japan which is your travel destination and where your experieinces will take place. We also believe that there are many easy ways to book your flights to Japan. Our strategy is to focus on value-added services such as giving expert advice on Japan based on our experience, local knowledge, a wealth of information, reliable networks with many of the best suppliers in Japan. We are happy to arrange your internal flights (i.e., flights within Japan) on your behalf as part of creating your itinerary in Japan.
So, please come to one of the Japan's airport on your own, we will take care of the arrangements in Japan.

Why does your recommendation list of accomodation cover relatively small number of properties?

There are more than 60,000 hotels or ryokans in Japan. However, our basic strategy is to target a specific segment: sophisticated international travelers. So, the ryokans we recommend on the web are uniquely charming properties mostly in the luxury segment. We believe that our recommended accommodation options can be and should be very selective to meet the standard and needs of these travelers.

Is your arrangement of accommodation limited to your list on the web?

We are proud to recommend some of the finest ryokans (most of them are luxury inns) on our website. However, they are part of the lists we recommend. Our list on the web does not cover every property we know. There are even some small inns whose owners do not want to appear on the website, and instead want to work only with repeating guests or with reliable partners like us.

What forms of payment do you accept?

In case of payment by credit card, we accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Diners and JCB. We also receive funds by international bank wire. Specific payment method and information will be instructed along with other terms and conditions.

After we travel in Japan, we will travel to other Asian countries. Can you arrange our travel in other Asian countries?

No, we are sorry, but we specialize in Japan, since we live in Japan and this is where we can add great value to our customers by using our local knowledge and network. We cannot deliver the same level of professional services in other countries.

Is my trip financially secured?

Yes. Firstly, we are a financially sound company, which is the most important. Moreover, our license as an authorized travel agency, coupled with our status at Japan Association of Travel Agents (JATA), gives another layer of financial protection to customers who booked with us.

About Michi Travel Japan

Why did you start a travel company specializing in providing services in English?

When Seiichi Chada, CEO of Michi Travel Japan, was a banker, he had heard from his business partners or friends that it would be wonderful if there is a travel service that can help intenational travelers to Japan in their language, mostly English to have more profound unique experiences. He founded the company in 2006 with a clear vision: To offer our customer a trip of a lifetime and to enhance their appreciation for Japan's rich culture and nature. Many people shared the vision and some joined the firm as travel consultant and others started to work as tour guides. A number of finest ryokan owners also shared the common vision and relationships have been developed. We are passionate about creating memorable experiences in Japan for our customers as well as contributing to Japanese society by introducing Japan's attractiveness to the world.