Bonsai Tours

Bonsai Tours

Bonsai is a living art that Japan proudly features to the world. Michi Travel Japan offers bonsai-related tours for visitors to appreciate the beauty of the art. We support the Japanese government campaign "JAPAN. A Living Work of Art - BONSAI".

Our private tours are designed for bonsai fans to appreciate bonsai, learn the bonsai spirit of bonsai masters and help you gain a better understanding on bonsai and other Japanese cultures. We are pleased to customize your plan according to your needs, interests, number of guests, season and other factors. Our experienced guide will escort you to bonsai nurseries and galleries including some that are hard to access and help you communicate with owners and masters. Upon request, workshops at leading nurseries can be arranged so that the experience can help you cultivate your own expertise. We are also happy to take you to bonsai related shops of high quality shears, bonsai pot, and so on. It is possible to include pristine nature where wild plants grown that can be used for bonsai, kilns of bonsai pots. Usually bonsai fans have interests in other Japanese cultures, so we are happy to include cultural experiences such as tea ceremony, ikebana flower arrangements as well as visits to World Heritage sites and beautiful Japanese gardens. All depend on what you are looking for. Here are our sample itineraries.

Tailor made Tours

We are happy to help create the best program for each group of travelers looking for special bonsai and other experiences.

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10 day Bonsai Tour Tokyo, Omiya Bonsai Village, Tokoname, Kyoto, Matsue, Osaka
This 10 day Bonsai Tour is designed to allow bonsai fans to visit Japan's bonsai sites that spread across Japan. As a bonsai-focused tour, it includes visits bonsai nurseries, museums and other places that are associated with bonsai. Furthermore it also includes visits to Japanese gardens as well asl hands-on cultural experiences.

One day Bonsai Tours

For those of you who have limited time in Tokyo and Osaka/Kyoto, we are pleased to offer private day trips escorted by English-speaking guide.

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