Bonsai Tour (10 days)

10-day Bonsai Tour is designed to allow bonsai fans to visit Japan's bonsai sites that spread across Japan. As a bonsai-focused tour, it includes bonsai nurseries, museums and other places that are associated with bonsai. Furthermore, it also includes visits to Japanese gardens as well as hands-on cultural experiences.


Begin your travel in Tokyo. Enjoy also a wide variety of art, culture and food that Tokyo has to offer to international visitors. In the theme of bonsai, visit bonsai museums and bonsai specialty shops. During your stay in Tokyo, visit Omiya Bonsai Village, with a history of ninety years. Visit some of leading bonsai nurseries and Omiya Bonsai Museum to see unique bonsai masterpieces based on each creator's style and philosophy.


Move to Tokoname near Nagoya. The town is known as one of the most historical ceramic production areas in Japan, especially high quality bonsai pot. You will be escorted to established kilns, galleries and shops by your guide. If you wish, experience making your own potteries, instructed by master craftsman.


Kyoto is the old capital of Japan which offers full of historical sites and cultural experiences. Visit temples and gardens registered as the UNESCO World Heritage sites, Bonsai Gallery KINBON, and Kibune, home of Kibune suisteki stone, which is surrounded by pristine nature.

Then, more West to Matsue. Visit Adachi Museum of Art which has been ranked at the top Japanese garden for nine consecutive years by American magazine "Journal of Japanese Gardening".


In Osaka, enjoy strolling around picturesque castle surrounded by massive moat. In Osaka, experience a workshop at Fujikawa Kouka-en which operates International School of Bonsai. You will fly out of Osaka.

Sample Itinerary Overview

Itinerary below is aimed at giving you a sense of what is possible for those who like bonsai. Depending on your interests, we are happy to customize the itinerary.

Day 1 Arrive at Tokyo

Arrive at Tokyo. We will suggest where to visit for your free afternoon.

Day 2 Tour to Omiya Bonsai Village

Saitama City is highly recognized as a sacred place of bonsai by bonsai fanciers all over the world. Visit Omiya Bonsai Museum that displays a variety of masterpieces. There are five Bonsai nurseries in the area, where you can visit and see.

Day 3 Tokyo Bonsai & Art Tour

Private tour of must-see bonsai spots in Tokyo. Visit bonsai garden at Showa Kinen Park or Shunkaen Bonsai Museum. We can arrange a visit to bonsai tool shops, etc. Tokyo has a lot to offer, from the old to the new. Depending on your interests, we are happy to craft your Tokyo plan. Please see our Tokyo private tour.

Day 4 Free time in or around Tokyo

Explore Tokyo at your pace. Tokyo has a lot to offer to international visitors to Japan, from traditional culture from Edo era to the ultra-modern art and culture. A variety of culinary choices add to the pleasure of your stay in Tokyo.

Day 5 Move to Nagoya, Private tour to Tokoname

Take a bullet train to Nagoya. Enjoy private tour to Tokoname, one of the most historical ceramic production areas in Japan, especially known as bonsai pot production. You will be escorted to kilns, galleries and shops upon request. As an option, it is possible to arrange pottery making if you are interested. Stay at a hotel in Nagoya.

Day 6 Move to Kyoto

Take a bullet train to Kyoto. Enjoy free afternoon. On this day we recommend Nanzenji temple with Zen garden, Murin-an garden, and Bonsai Gallery KINBON. Stay at a hotel in Kyoto for two nights.

Day 7 Private tour in Kyoto

Enjoy exploring Kibune area, northern part of Kyoto surrounded by pristine woods. Visit Kibune shrine and picturesque Kibune river. Kibune stone originated in this area, a high quality stone for suiseki that is also enjoyed by bonsai fans. Also, you will visit Entsuji temple which boasts Karesansui dry landscape garden utilizing a view of Mt. Hiei as a background, and Shisendo which was established as a mountain villa by Jozan Ishikawa, a general of Tokugawa samurai family.

Day 8 Move to Matsue, Half day private tour of Matsue

Take bullet & express trains to Matsue. Private tour to Adachi Museum which is highly recognized as the best garden selected by American magazine "Journal of Japanese Gardening" for nine consecutive years. Then, you will be escorted to Matsue castle surrounded by picturesque moat. Stay at a hotel in Matsue overnight.

Day 9 Move to Osaka, Half day private tour of Osaka

Take bullet & express trains to Osaka. Half day Private tour of Osaka In Osaka, experience two-hour bonsai workshop at Fujikawa Kouka-en. At the leading Bonsai nursery, you will have a great opportunity to learn, feel and touch the spirit of authentic bonsai, which would be more inspiring than just seeing.

Day 10 Fly out of Kansai Airport

Transfer to Kansai Airport.

  • The tour price will differ according to many factors such as the rank of accommodation (e.g. 5-star or 3-star, hotel or ryokan), transportation (e.g. train, private car), number of days with a private guide, duration of your tour, or season. Please contact us. One of our tour consultants will come up with an ideal plan and cost for you.
  • Some of the suggested activities including cultural experiences and visits to some of bonsai nurseries are strictly subject to availability.

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