Tobira Onsen [Nagano Prefecture]


Tobira Onsen is a serene hot spring village in the deep mountains on the outskirts of Matsumoto, Nagano prefecture. Myojinkan is quietly nestled in an environment blessed with abundant greenery and the sound of a river stream. This natural beauty, refined interior, delicate cuisine, and hospitality of the staff makes Myojinkan highly popular throughout the year. The combination of traditional beauty of a Japanese ryokan and innovative ideas derived from prominent overseas resorts produces a unique and comfortable space of Myojinkan. For dinner, you can choose between Japanese kaiseki restaurant, modern Japanese cuisine restaurant, and organic French restaurant.

Myojinkan is a resort ryokan constantly pursuing what people long for when traveling and escaping from the urban bustle.

Accommodation Type Ryokan
Access Approx. 3 hrs from Tokyo
Price Range* 25,500yen - 42,500yen /person
Environment In a serene environment filled with greenery and river
Room 45
Private Bath All rooms are equipped with bath
*Price per person, per night, for double occupancy with dinner and breakfast, weekdays on mid-seasons. Prices differ depending on room type and season.
Please check when booking.

Basic Information


  • Contemporary Japanese style architecture with elements of international resort hotels nicely blended
  • Three types of restaurants
  • Other facitlies include : Library, aromatherapy room and bar


  • Dinner and breakfast are served in one of the restaurants.
  • Cuisines are made with locally-grown vegetables.
  • Breakfast is Japanese style.
  • French restaurant is open for lunch time, too.


  • All rooms are equipped wth private baths. (Indoor bath or outdoor bath)
  • Various large public baths (3 for gentlemen and 3 for ladies and 1 for mixed gender). Outdoor baths with a forest view will offer you refreshing moments.


  • Check in from 15:00 (Dinner is served between 6 to 8 pm. Please check in before 8 pm)
  • Check out 12:00
  • Internet connection: In the library
  • English : OK

Room type and prices

Room examplePrice
Otaka- Traditional Style 1 Japanese room + 1 sitting room From 25,550 yen and above
Otaka- Modern Style 1 bedroom + 1 sitting room From 28,000 yen and above
Yamashina - Traditional Style 2 Japanese rooms and 1 porch room From 27,500 yen and above
Iyashi - Traditional Style / Modern Style 1 Japanese room + 1 porch room + 1 outdoor hot tub From 33,000 yen and above
Sei-Ryu-An - Modern Style 1 bedroom + 1 terrace + 1 outdoor hot tub From 39,000 yen and above
  • The rates are per person, per night, for weekdays in mid seasons for double occupancy. The rate includes dinner and breakfast.
  • Different rates are applied for different seasons and room types. Please check with us when you book.
    - Service charge and consumption tax are included. Bath tax of 150 yen will be added.
    - On Saturday and eve of National Holidays, 1050 yen will be added.
    - Price for children is 70% of adults.

■ Credit cards




By train (from Tokyo)

  • Shinjuku station -[JR: Super Azusa Express: 2 hrs. 40 min.] - JR Matsumoto station - [30 min. by shuttle bus* or taxi] - Tobira Onsen Myojinkan
*Shuttle bus services (reservation is required in advance)
From Matsumoto Station to Tobira Onsen, departure at 15:00 / 16:30
From Tobira Onsen to Matsumoto Station, departure at 9:30 / 11:00

By car (from Tokyo)

  • Tokyo -(Chuo / Nagano Express way: 2hrs. 30 min.)-Matsumoto IC-(40 min.) - Tobira Onsen Myojinkan

Recommended activities

  • Taking a walk around in the woods
    Sightseeing in Matsumoto city and the near-by scenic areas (Azumino, Kamikochi)
  • Please take advantage of Myojinkan's chartered bus so that you can move around with ease. Please check with us in advance (42,000 yen for small van for 2 to 14 people).

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