Shuzenji [Shizuoka Prefecture]


Shuzenji is a peaceful onsen town situated in the green surroundings of central Izu. The town's onsen is the oldest in Izu, with about 1200 years of history. Arai Ryokan is a traditional Japanese style luxury ryokan which lies in the heart of Shuzenji. The rooms, all with different historical charms, have either a view of Katsuragawa river or a Japanese style garden, both offering beautiful scenery of the changing four seasons. The ryokan has 15 registered national cultural properties. You can take part in the guided tour of these properties, offered both in Japanese and English.

Accommodation Type Ryokan
Access Approx. 1hr 45 min. from Tokyo
Price Range* 23,910 yen - 75,750 yen/person
Environment Historical hot spring resort in green surrounding / River
Room 25
Private Bath 3 baths for exclusive use
12 rooms equipped with private bath
*Per person per night, for double occupancy, weekdays on regular seasons. Please check when booking.

Basic Information


  • Architectures are registered as cultural assets.
  • 25 rooms. 12 rooms with private bath and toilet. 8 rooms with toilet only. 5 rooms without private toilet and bath.


  • Dinner and breakfast are served in your room.
  • Dinner is a kaiseki cuisine with more than 10 dishes using seasonal local ingredients.


  • 100 % pure hot spring with a variety of medical benefits
  • Two large indoor baths (including Tenpyo Dai Yokujo of historical value) and one outdoor bath.
  • Two chatered family baths for private use.


  • Check in from 15:00 - Check out 11:00
  • Internet connection: You can use a desktop PC at the lobby.
  • English: OK

Room type and prices

B: Bath
T: Toilet
Shared by
2 persons
Shared by
3 persons
Shared by
4 persons
Suite room Yoshino BT 70,000 60,000 50,000
Tatsuta BT 50,000 45,000 40,000
Deluxe room Kiri-no-toh BT 30,000 27,000 25,000
Hana T 25,000 23,000 22,000
Superior room Yuki BT 25,000 23,000 22,000
Standard room Ayame T 23,000 21,000 20,000
Standard room Tuki T 23,000 21,000 20,000
Standard room Kasumi without BT 22,000 20,000 19,000
Detached house Momiji BT 35,000 31,000 29,000

  • The rates are for per person, per night including dinner and breakfast.
  • Bath tax and consumption tax are to be added.
  • The rates are basically for regular seasons from Sunday night to Friday night. On Saturday night and eve of national holidays, different prices are applied. Please check with us when you book.
  • In peak seasons or on special days, prices are different. Please check with us when you book.
  • Price for children varies depending on age and requests.

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By train (from Tokyo)

  • Tokyo - (Shinkansen Kodama express: 1hr) - Mishima - (Izu-Hakone-Railway: 35 min) - Shuzenji - (Taxi 5 min) or (Bus: 10 min to Shuzenji) - Arai ryokan

By car (from Tokyo)

  • Tokyo - (Tomei Express: 1hr.) - Numazu IC - (R136: 1hr.) - Arai ryokan

Recommended activities 

  • Soak in hot spring
  • Hiking
  • Stroll around Shuzenji town (Shuzenji temple, bamboo path, foot bath)

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