Lake Akan [Hokkaido]


Situated in the great nature of Lake Akan, Hinanoza provides a getaway for relaxing. The warm glow of Ainu wooden crafts, which remain strongly in the Lake Akan area, is incorporated across the interior. Here, Ainu Kotan (village) is the largest community of local Ainu people in Hokkaido. Their art works especially wooden carvings are magnificent. In Hinanoza, you will enjoy their furniture, carvings and tapestries.

25 deluxe rooms are spacious all equipped with an outdoor bath. Dinner will be served in a privately partitioned space in the dining room, with seasonal ingredients from the great land, Hokkaido. In the peaceful woods with mysterious Ainu legends, Hinanoza will bring about a healing moment.

Accommodation Type Ryokan
Access Approx. 1 hr 30 min. from Tokyo to Kushiro by air
& 1 hr. drive from Kushiro
Price Range* 40,000 yen/person or above
Environment Rich in nature (lake and forests)
Room 25
Private Bath All rooms are equipped with outdoor hotsprng bath
*Price varies across room type. Per person per night, for double occupancy on regular seasons for standard plan, including dinner and breakfast. Please check when booking.

Basic Information


  • All guest rooms equipped with outdoor hotspring baths and western style toilets
  • Wine cellar
  • Audio space and library


  • Dinner and breakfast are served in a privately partitioned space in the dining room. In some rooms, you can have dinner in your room.
  • Japanese-style cuisine with seasonable ingredients from Hokkaido


  • All rooms have outdoor hot spring baths
  • Shared bath is a hotspring. (indoor & outdoor) - Shared bedrock bath & foot bath


  • Check in from 14:00
  • Check out 11:00
  • Internet connection: Yes
  • English: Easy conversation

Room type and prices


Prices differ generally between 30,000-50,000 yen / person, depending on room types and seasonality.
Please check with us when booking.



By Air (from Tokyo)

  1. Tokyo - Kushiro: 1 hr. 30 min. Kushiro - Lake Akan : 1 hr. by car
  2. Tokyo - Memanbetsu: 1 hr. 40 min. Memanbetsu - Lake Akan : 1hr. 10 min. by car

From Osaka

  1. Osaka - Kushiro: 1 hr. 50 min. Kushiro- Lake Akan : 1 hr. by car
  2. Osaka - Memanbetsu: 2 hr. Memanbetsu - Lake Akan : 1 hr. 10 min. by car

Recommended activities

Outdoor activities (skiing, canoeing, hiking, etc.), Hot springs, Sightseeing around Lake Akan

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