Tokyo 1 Day Private Gourmet Tour


Experience our privately-guided Tokyo food tour. This is a tour for food lovers or culinary enthusiasts who would like to enjoy Japanese gourmet food from the sophisticated to locals in Tokyo. You will not only see, but taste various Japanese food throughout the tour.

Sample Itinerary (8 hours)

Visit Tsukiji Fish Market, one of the largest seafood markets in the world. If you visit the Jogai Sijo in the morning, a vibrant market with various kinds of seafood and a great number of buyers can be seen. Strolling around the outer market to see various Japanese food including fish, seafood, meat, vegetables, tea and more. There are stands where you can buy and eat foods such as oyster, egg omelett, and even dim sum. Japanese kitchen tools are also in good selection. Your guide is happy to recommend a sushi stand in the market for your breakfast, if you are interested.

Visit a traditional Japanese garden in the center of Tokyo. You will enjoy Matcha (green tea) and Japanese sweets in the tea house.

Move to Asakusa. Visit Tokyo's oldest temple, Senso-ji with the history of 1,400 years. The path leading to the temple is packed with small shops selling souvenirs and local snacks such as rice crackers and sweet rice balls. For lunch, Tempra, Unagi (eels) or Shabushabu (beef hotpot) are recommended.

(*not included in the tour price).

Visit the Kitchen Utencils market where you can find many kitchen equipments as well as food samples for dislay. The samples are all hand-made, and you will be surprised at how authentic they look. You can see the masterfulness of Japanese craftsmen.

Tokyo is well-known for having world-renowned patisseries, chocolatiers and bakeries. Our guests described it as a sweets heaven. With our local guide, indulge in the beautifully-crafted cakes and sweets.

At Ginza, stroll around Japan's most prestigious area with established shops. You will seegourmet shops with beautiful bread, Japanese sweets, premium fruits, table wares and more.

Above plan is just sample itinerary. The itinerary can be adjusted to your needs, so please share with us your specific culinary interests, or places you would like to visit.

Price for this sample itinerary

(price per group)

2 persons3 persons4 persons
8 hours 77,000 yen 83,000 yen 89,000 yen

(8% consumption tax included)

Including: English speaking tour guide, entrance fees, public transportation
Not Including: Sushi breakfast, Lunch fee

  1. The price is for the above sample itinerary.
  2. We will customize your own tour depending on your interests and time. Include any site you wish. The duration of your tour can be arranged from 4 hours.
  3. Private car can be arranged for extra fee
  4. Please contact for more than 5 persons

Other Activities we can arrange in your tour

  • Cooking class of Soba (buckwheat noodles) and Japanese cuisine (subject to availability)
  • Meet with owner of Japanese confectionery shop (subject to availability)
  • Local gourmet shops
  • Lunch or dinner at an Michelin star restaurants
  • Lunch or dinner at a good local restaurant

For more details, please contact us by email

*Extra fees may be added to your tour price for certain activities.

Request for a Private Tour

To request for a Tokyo Private Tour, contact us by E-mail ( Please tell us the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. Number of persons in the group
  3. Date of Tour
  4. Starting time and length of tour
  5. Meeting place
  6. Places you would like to visit (or write "recommended travel" if you would like us to plan your day)
  7. Interests
  8. Lunch requests
  9. Allergies or food you cannot eat

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