Tokyo Private Trend Tour


Tokyo is a city where gourmet, fashion, beauty, and design trends go in and out at a very fast pace. It is difficult to keep up with the trends, but our savvy local guide will help you explore the unique shops and restaurants to feel and experience some the latest trends.

Sample Itinerary (8 hours)


Start your day in Omotesando/Aoyama area, where fashionable men & women shop for the latest fashion and lifestyle products such as tableware, stationary, and furniture. According to your request, the guide will take you to a highly modern shop which displays unique items from Gundam Robot figures and plastic fluorescent monsters, young artist's illustration art book, stool made with special durable recycled paper, plates designed by a famous artist Tadanori Yokoo.

Those who like modern products with "WA (Japanese)" taste, there are also a few choices. For the young generation in Japan "WA" taste fashion items and interior design products is very popular these days. Traditional elements such as Japanese textiles, lacquer ware, pottery, bamboo, are arranged to various products with contemporary design.


For lunch, try one of the many organic vegetables or vegan cafes that have opened in these few years. Nowdays, fashion conscious natives of Tokyo are not only concerned about what they wear but very careful of what they eat. The greasy fast food hamburgers or fatty cream spaghettis are out, and many are turning to healthy oriented restaurants and cafes. There are also a few Japanese tea shops with cafes inside where a pot of green tea and lunch is served. A popular lunch includes brown rice and miso soup with more than 10 kinds of vegetables.


In the afternoon, move to Harajuku to see what is in for younger generation of Tokyo. Many young and fashionable people are walking on the streets where small clothing and accessory shops are lined. For those who wish to create an one-and-only mobile phone, Deco-den shop is a must see place. Deco-den stands for "decorated denwa (phone in Japanese)". Consult the shop staff on the design you would like to have on your phone, and let them decorate it with colorful rhinestones.


After a long day of strolling around shops, relax at The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo and enjoy an original body treatment. A popular treatment at one of the most luxury hotel is called "Azuki Ritual" Azuki (red beans), known to have antioxidant effects, are mixed with marine salt and oil to scrub away the dead skin cells and pores. This treatment can be included as part of a custom-made treatment where a therapist decides after deep counseling with you.

(*The spa treatment fee is not included in the below tour price)

Price for this sample itinerary

(price per group)

2 persons3 persons4 persons
8 hours 71,000 yen 74,000 yen 77,000 yen

(10% consumption tax included)

Including: English speaking tour guide, entrance fees, public transportation
Not Including: Lunch fee, spa treatment

  1. The price is for the above sample itinerary. (Spa treatment fee is not included)
  2. We will customize your own tour depending on your interests and time. Include any site you wish. The duration of your tour can be arranged from 4 hours.
  3. Private car can be arranged for extra fee
  4. Please contact for more than 5 persons

Request for a Private Tour

To request for a private tour, contact us by E-mail ( Please tell us the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. Number of persons in the group
  3. Date of the tour
  4. Starting time and length of tour
  5. Meeting place
  6. Specific areas in Tokyo you would like to visit (or write "recommended travel" if you would like us to plan your day)
  7. Stores you would like to visit or items you would like to buy
  8. Lunch requests

Private Tours in Other Destinations

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We can also arrange privately-guided tours in other destinations throughout Japan. Also, your tours can be tailored to your specific interests such as culture, food, and nature.