Washi is thin, translucency yet strong and long-lasting Japanese paper. During around 1400 years of history, washi paper has been deeply rooted in the daily life of Japanese people and nowadays it draws attention as one of the Japanese traditional cultures.
Enjoy creating washi paper artworks with a professional artist. This activity will give you the opportunity to touch this Japanese traditional culture and deepen your knowledge of washi's history and character.

Private Online Workshop Program


With a professional paper artist, enjoy creating flowers simply by grasping, twisting, and laying sheets of special paper made from silk cloth and two different types of washi paper from Kyoto and Nara. Also, we will use bamboo charcoal which has deodorizing, dehumidifying and air purifying effects and has been used in Japanese daily life.
At the beginning of the online activity, you will briefly learn features of special washi paper and bamboo charcoal selected for your activity. Then, the artist will give you a lecture to enjoy making paper craft.

  • If you would like, the big flower in the center of decoration in the above picture can be changed to one of the flowers in the right picture. Please let us know.

This is a private activity and the workshop will be held exclusively for you or your family, so we hope you can enjoy the workshop as if you traveled to Japan with your family. Please also enjoy conversation with the instructor and feel free to ask questions during the interactive lesson.

Special Package for the Workshop

To make your online workshop more enjoyable, meaningful and as close to a real experience as possible, we are pleased to send you the items used for the workshop to your home. Washi paper items are from Ozu washi paper shop that has been well-reputed for around 360 years since it was established in Edo era.

online_washi_package_example_2.jpgExamples of washi paper craft

The package includes the following items:

  • Washi paper and other materials (for online workshop)
  • Washi paper craft - Hanging scroll for interior decoration and one more washi paper craft
  • A digital booklet for about 4-5 pages created by Michi Travel Japan (sent by an email).
    The booklet includes the information regarding the online workshop and introduces related destinations you have probably never been to for your next trip.

Option: Washi paper lighting fixtures of KYO SASHIMONO KOHSEKI

online_washi_light.jpegExample of
washi paper lighting fixture

KYO SASHIMONO KOHSEKI is featuring washi paper lighting fixtures as the independent branch of Nakamura Sotoji corporation, the well-known sophisticated carpenter of Japanese sukiya-zukuri architecture. Using techniques of Kyoto joinery, which is the traditional way to put wood pieces together without using nails, all the lighting fixtures are created only by high-quality Japanese wood and washi paper. This simple but delicate artwork can fit into the atmosphere of any styles of interior designs.
As a special option, Michi Travel Japan will be pleased to purchase and send a lighting fixture of KYO SASHIMONO KOHSEKI to your home. Please contact us for more details.

- Price of washi paper lighting fixture : Around 220,000yen*
*The delivery fee to your home, and the custom duties are not included.

What to prepare on your side:

    • 1 large screen to watch the workshop and space
    • Please download Zoom for free on a desktop or a mobile device. After you book, we will send you a URL for video call.

Instructor of the Workshop


Mika Fujinaga
Paper flower artist producing Art Orihana Kami, an original supple yet durable paper made of combining traditional washi paper and silk cloth. Taking advantage of unique feature of this paper, she has been widely introducing Art Orihana Kami including the elderly and people with disability. Her flower artworks are brilliant utilizing the beauty and great features of each kind of washi paper.

Price Range

Example price per person:

Including: A private online workshop, 1 set of washi paper material to make 1 paper craft per zoom account, and a hanging scroll made by washi paper for interior art per zoom account, a digital booklet per zoom account, Michi Travel's service charge and tax.

Not Including: What to prepare on your side indicated above, the delivery fee to your home, and the customs duties.
For example, if two families with 3 persons (total 6 persons) participate the private online workshop together via 2 zoom accounts, the price per person will be 12,500 yen, and the cost per family will be 37,500 yen (Total cost for 2 families will be 75,000 yen.).


  • Please contact us for details.
  • The price changes depending on the number of Zoom account and paper crafts you would like to make in the workshop (The above price includes 1 set of washi paper material to make 1 paper craft per zoom account.).
  • You might be asked to make the payment for duties and taxes when you receive the package.
  • If you are interested in taking the online workshop of Art Orihana Kami (Washi Paper Flower Art) for several times, we are pleased to offer a course.

Notes for Online Workshop Program

  • This activity is conducted in Japanese with English tranlator
  • This online workshop is a private workshop designed for 1 Zoom account and a suitable number of participants is up to 5 guests. If you would like to join the workshop with another Zoom account of your friends or families who live in a different place, please contact us.
  • Duration: about 1.5 hours
  • Example of time difference between your country and Japan:
West coast of the U.S. East coast of the U.S. France Singapore
9:00JST/17:00PDT 9:00JST/20:00EDT 16:00JST/9:00CEST 10:00JST/9:00SGT

We are pleased to discuss the time and date of online workshop according to your request; however, we hope you understand that the time for online workshop would be limited due to the time difference between your country and Japan.

  • The date of online workshop will be about 2 weeks after the official booking since we purchase the items and send them to you.
  • Neither Michi Travel Japan nor the instructor is responsible for any injuries caused during the online workshop.


Please contact us through the inquiry form and let us know the following information:

  • Your full name
  • The program that you are interested
  • The number of guests and age range
  • Country and area where you live

Booking Process

  1. Select a program you are interested
    Please contact us through the inquiry form and mention the program that you are interested.
  2. Discuss details
    One of our staffs will send you an email to discuss the details of package and program.
  3. Payment
    Once details are confirmed, we will send you an URL for online payment. Payment is requested to be made by credit card. For online credit card payment, the page is protected by Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to ensure the safety of your credit card information. We accept payment by Visa, Master Card, American Express, Diners, JCB.
  4. Package will be sent
    We will send a package with specialties to your home.
  5. Experience the online workshop
    We will send you an URL of the video call and hold a private online workshop.

Cancellation Policy

Date of cancellation request received by us Cancellation Charges
31 or more days prior to the date of online workshop 10% of the total cost
30-8 days prior to the date of online workshop 20% of the total cost
7-4 days prior to the date of online workshop 50% of the total cost

3-0 days prior to the date of online workshop

100% of the total cost

- In case of cancellation after the payment is completed by the customer, the amount deducting cancellation charges and the cost for the special package and delivery fee from the amount already paid will be remitted to the bank account specified by the customer.

- Date of cancellation refers to the Date and time when cancellation notice is received by us based on Japan time, instead of the local Date and time when cancellation notice is sent from the customer.