Spiritual and Wellbeing Travel in Japan


One of the purposes of travel is to get away from fast paced, stressful life. Japan has a lot to offer when it comes to opportunities to refresh yourself and rest your body and mind.

Renew Your Spirit with Meditation


Let your busy mind settle in the peaceful environment. Zazen is one of the Zen practices to obtain the serenity of mind by seating cross-legged on the floor in the silence. Meditate yourself in front of quaint Zen garden, followed by Buddhism monk's message. Shakyo is also a popular meditation by tracing letters of Buddhist sutra with Japanese ink brush. This is also one of the Buddhism practices to fulfill your wish by reading, understanding and tracing sutra.

For yogis or yoginis, try yoga workshop in the established temple. Harmonize your body, mind and emotions, and awaken your greater energy.

Visitors from every country regardless of gender, race or religion will be welcomed at Japanese temples.

Rejuvenation Experiences by Japanese Therapies

Calming and soothing treatments will create a personal sanctuary with an ultimate relaxation after stress-filled challenging days. Start in the heated Jacuzzi or hot spring bath before treatments to enhance your body circulation and awaken your rejuvenation.

A variety of therapies, blended with traditional Japanese Shiatsu massage and Western-inspired therapies are created to cleanse, purify and detoxify your body and mind. Expert therapists will advise you a selection of luxurious treatments, using aromatherapy oils, minerals, herbs with holistic approach. Also, according to your condition, customized treatment can be designed by your therapist. Therapeutic experiences can be arranged at luxurious hotels, beach resort or Japanese hot spring ryokans.

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Sacred Destinations in Japan

Our custom travel service will help recharging your mental, physical and spiritual state. Here are suggestions for your destinations.

Mt. Fuji

Mt. Fuji is considered as one of the power centres in Japan, and the mountain has great spiritual significance for Japanese people. The season of climbing Mt. Fuji is very limited from July to August, but there are sacred hiking paths which used to allow people who reached the summit three times. Stepping on the volcanic ash soil, escorted by English-speaking guide, you will be able to see a stark beauty of the highest mountain in Japan.

The Kii Mountain Range

The Kii mountain range is registered as the UNESCO World Heritage site. The area includes three sacred sites of Yoshino & Omine, Three peaks of Mt. Kumano, and Mt.Koya. Yoshino and Omine have been known as the centre of Shugendo religion (mountain worshipping) which was established in the late 7th century. There are several hiking paths in the area. In spring, Mt. Yoshino is popular destination to admire cherry blossom forest. Kumano Kodo has been a popular pilgrimage trail with grand shrine, temple, and sacred waterfalls. Surrounded by pristine woods, visitors can enjoy following the path where pilgrims visited and prayed since 1400 years ago.

Mt. Koya is the head quarter of Shingon Sect opened by Kukai. Experience staying at an established monastery (temple lodging). Try Shojin cuisine (vegetarian dishes) prepared by monks. Shojin cuisine is considered as training to be search for the road to Buddhism enlightenment by serving to worshippers. Also, Buddhism activities of sutra writing and morning chanting service can be arranged.