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In the article entitled "Taste of Tokyo", the Travel Agent Magazine referred to our CEO Seiichi Chada's comment on the recent trends on Tokyo's restaurant and food industry.

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Below are excerpts from the article of Travel Agent Central.

When it comes to dining, few cities in Asia can match Tokyo, with its array of international and local fare prepared by chefs who study their craft as if it were painting or sculpture. A dizzying choice of local styles from teppanyaki to tonkatsu, as well as a rising overseas influence, has drawn some of the world's top toques--leading some observers to call Tokyo the new culinary capital of the world.

Indeed, the city simultaneously creates dining trends while elevating existing concepts by adding unique Japanese approaches. The farm-to-table concept highlighting locally sourced ingredients, for instance, has led some Tokyo chefs to time their use of vegetables so precisely that "in-season" for some products has come to mean only a few weeks. Newcomer Teppei, in Kagurazaka, even has its own produce sommelier to ensure that quality never wavers.

In fact, non-Japanese speaking visitors should take this tack when ordering, asking for "shun no mono" (seasonal items) or "osusume" (the recommended dish), suggests Yukari Pratt Sakamoto, author of Food Sake Tokyo, an exploration of the city's food culture that hits bookshelves next April. They'll often get the most interesting dishes this way, she says.

More restaurants are embracing local branded meats and produce. While many Westerners are already familiar with Kobe beef, there are many other brands making inroads here from Matsusaka and Hida beef to Kagoshima black pork and Nagoya Cochin chicken. Restaurants have turned to these products for reliability as diners have become more discerning, says Seiichi Chada, CEO of Tokyo-based Michi Travel Japan, which specializes in customized itineraries, including culinary experiences featuring visits to farms and producers

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