Michi Travel Japan in Travel Trade Monthly

Travel Trade Monthly featured Japan as an promising tourism destination in January 2011. Comments made by Seiichi Chada, CEO of Michi Travel Japan are referred as follows.

Below are excerpts from the article of Travel Trade Monthly.

Seiichi Chada, CEO of holiday provider Michi Travel Japan, pointed out, the country remains off the radar for many global travellers.
"Good word of mouth spread by satisfied customers will help build a good reputation of Japan in the long run," said Chada.
"There are a number of local inns whose service level is superb, but who are not known outside of Japan. "To introduce such destinations to international travellers is particularly important in Japan, since the domestic travel market is saturated." Chada said Japan's growing online presence had led to a trend of well-researched travellers, who nonetheless preferred to use the services of local operators to create a customised holiday package.

Here are excerpts from the special piece on culinary tour.
With the launch of Michelin guides to Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka, foodie visitors to Japan are on the rise... In the 2011 guide, 14 of Japan's restaurants were awarded ratings of three Michelin stars, putting the country on par with France in terms of three-star offerings. The country's capital has overtaken Paris, according to Jean-Luc Naret, director of the Michelin guides.
"Tokyo shows once again incontestable level of cuisine with 240 star restaurants and 14 three stars, which is number one in the world," said Naret...
Michi Travel Japan's Seiichi Chada agreed that food tourism was a definite trend, with diversity in cuisine and food cultures across the country a key selling point. "Some are well known outside of Japan, such as sushi and teppanyaki; others are lesser known," said Chada. "We would like to introduce a wide variety of culinary experiences to gourmet travellers, while at the same time making sure that such experiences are authentic, but not intimidating."

Michi Travel Japan is a Japan-based travel company specializing in offering customized tours for people from all over the world to Japan. Please see michitravel.com for more details.