Family Vacation in Japan

Family trip to Japan can be fun, relaxing, educational and unforgettable when the itinerary is well-designed with detailed attention to be family-friendly. We know how precious the time is for a family travelling together. Customized family trip is a great way to create lifelong memories by spending dedicated time together among parents, children, grandchildren and more. Tailor-made family trip with Michi Travel Japan will ensure that your trip will be truly customized to your needs. We pay special attention to make sure that the tour will balance varied interests of each family member.



Among a number of historical and cultural places to visit, we will help choose some of the highlights, which will remain as your lifelong memories. We know visiting too many temples and shrines might get kids bored easily, so we will select some of the most impressive ones for the eyes of adults and kids. Itinerary can include more varieties of places such as zoo, aquarium, unique museum and amusement park.

Cultural Immersion


Enjoy Japanese traditional culture, history and lifestyle. We are happy to offer inspiring and fun experiences for the varied interests of different generation in a family. For a family with small children, we will arrange kids-friendly cultural activities such as making art and craft and wearing kimono. For a family with teenagers, more sophisticated activities can be included such as tea ceremony, or even visiting exclusive restaurant where geisha (maiko or geiko in Kyoto) entertain your family.

Our previous family travelers also enjoyed private lessons on wadaiko (Japanese drum), calligraphy, cookings and more.

Natural Wonder

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Japan has a variety of scenic beauty that changes across seasons.
1) Hokkaido offers unique winter experiences, with a number of ski resorts such as Niseko, Rusutsu and Furano.
2) Get relaxed at hot spring resorts in Japan Alps or Mt. Fuji / Hakone area surrounded by breathtaking mountains or beautiful countryside.
3) Okinawa, with crystal clear coastal waters, is well known for luxury beach resorts ideal for sun-loving people. Outdoor activities abound with snorkeling, kayaking and local culture and island tours.

Children-friendly hands-on activities

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Depending on age and interests of children, we recommend hands-on activities which help them better understand Japanese culture. Origami (folding papers), Wadaiko (Drum lesson) and pottery can be enjoyed by all the participants of various ages. Depending on seasons and destinations, we can also recommend fun and action-filled programs such as fruit picking, cycling and hiking.



Culinary experiences are very important part of the journey. Though it might be intimidating to go into small sushi bar in a narrow street with no English name on the entrance, that's where you can have one of the best sushi in Tokyo. We can recommend restaurant choices, from top-notch Japanese (or international) cuisine with Michelin stars to local casual places, depending on request by each family.

Ryokan (Japanese-style inn) Experiences

Ryokans can be highlight of our trip in Japan. Staying in a tatami-floor room will surely let you experience Japanese traditional lifestyle. Though most luxury ryokans have your private bath at your room, if you like, you can relax in a large shared bath (many of them are hot spring). You wear Japanese casual Yukata and enjoy Japanese Kaiseki cuisine dinner.

Family friendly hotel


It is not easy to find a room suitable for a big family, since the number of large family rooms or inter-connecting rooms are very limited in urban hotels. We can recommend hotels appropriate for each family, considering room types, family friendly facilities such as pool, access and neighborhood.

Unique tours for teenage girls and boys


Tours can be tailored to interests of boys and girls looking for something unique in Japan.

In your customized itinerary, we include baseball games, sumo matches, Japanese technology, anime shops and more. For example, for a teenage girl and her mother looking for fashion boutiques, we are happy to arrange a private tour of Tokyo's latest and trendy places known only to savvy Tokyo locals. Whatever your interests are, we try to introduce what Japan has to offer to make your travel fun and memorable.

Request for customized family travel

For those seeking a private and fully personalized tour, we can craft your ideal travel plan depending on your personal interests and specifications.