Family Vacation in Japan

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  • Personalized itinerary including experience designed by our experienced travel consultant
  • Carefully selected child-friendly guides and accommodations
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Japan is a small country yet it has a lot to offer. We will help you create perfect trip for both adults and children, including some highlights of shrines and temples but also places children would love, such as zoo, aquarium and amusement parks. Feel free to let us know how you would like the trip to be, if you would like to have tours almost every day, or you would like to have some relaxing days on your own to name it. Please rest assured that we will be flexible and will offer you a comfortable and memorable family trip.

Cultural Immersion


Enjoy Japanese traditional culture, history and lifestyle. We are happy to offer inspiring and fun experiences for the varied interests of different generations in a family. For a family with small children, we will arrange kids-friendly cultural activities such as folding origami paper and wearing kimono. For a family with teenagers, more sophisticated activities can be included such as tea ceremony, or even visiting exclusive restaurant where geisha (maiko or geiko in Kyoto) entertain your family.

Our previous family travelers also enjoyed private lessons on wadaiko (Japanese drum), calligraphy, cookings and more.

Unique accommodation stay


Staying at unique accommodations would make your family trip so special! There are several types of unique accommodations for family travelers.
Ryokan (Japanese-style inn) stay is one of the best ways to experience traditional culture and Japanese hospitality. Immerse yourself in Japanese traditional lifestyle by staying in a tatami-floor room, wearing yukata (casual kimono), and enjoying kaiseki dinner. Though most luxury ryokans have your private bath at your room, if you like, you can relax in a large common bath (many of them are hot spring).

Machiya (Japanese traditional house) and Bukeyashiki (samurai residence) provide different experience for your family. Both are the renovation of old architectures. Although they are perfectly modernized for comfortable stay, you will be able to sense the lifestyle of old days.

Natural Wonder


Japan has a variety of scenic beauty that changes across seasons. Climate differs depending on where you go, so we will recommend suitable destination based on what you would like to do and your travel period. You can find some sample itinerary below recommended based on your purpose. Let us know all your requests, and we will create your own unique itinerary.

  1. Winter activities...Hokkaido Custom Travel
  2. Hiking and cycling in historical towns...Unspoiled Traditional Towns
  3. Beach and ocean activities...Okinawa



Culinary experiences are very important part of the journey. Japanese cuisine, "Washoku" is registered as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. Sushi is probably the best known Japanese food, and we recommend you to try at least once in Japan. Sushi in Japan would be a whole different experience. "Washoku" ranges from sophisticated vegetarian dishes in Buddhist temple to juicy beef steak utilizing worldly renowned Kobe beef. We would like to recommend perfect restaurants for you based on your preferences and dietary requirements.

Is your child a picky eater? No worries! We are sure your children munching happily in Japan. Depachika sweets (high-end sweets sold in the basement floor of department stores) and local snacks will be your children's new favorite during the trip.

If you would like to experience gourmet in Japan, we suggest the following itinerary: Gourmet Tour Japan



If you wonder what type of entertainment we have in Japan, feel free to ask us. We will include baseball games, Sumo matches, animal cafe, character-themed cafe, Karaoke, popular unique museums, etc. If your children are into fashion or the photogenic food, we are happy to arrange a private tour including Tokyo's hottest and trendy shops that only savvy Tokyo locals know.

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Recommended for first-time visitors:


Family Travel: Japan Highlight Tour

This "Highlights of Japan Family Tour" itinerary includes major cities and towns for first-time visitors, fun activities for children and also some off-the-beaten paths. During this trip, you will learn from the latest trend to traditional culture.

Recommended for family who has traveled to Japan before:


Family Travel: Kyushu

Kyushu, the third largest island located in the southern part of Japan, can be a perfect destination for family trip. Thanks to the warm climate through the year, the island is blessed with both green mountains and blue clear ocean.


Family Travel: Hokkaido

Located in the northernmost part of Japan, Hokkaido has a variety of attractions to offer, dynamic nature, unique cultures, volcanoes and hot springs, food cultures, etc. It is full of adventures for families, hiking in national parks, canoeing in clear lakes, skiing in powder snow, learning local culture, tasting fresh seafood, etc.

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