Activities in Hokkaido

Thanks to the great land, visitors can enjoy unique experiences in Hokkaido.
Here are our suggestions.

For Gourmet Enthusiasts

For Gourmet Enthusiasts
Hokkaido is blessed with a good natural environment and is well known as a production center of agricultural and marine products. If you are gourmet enthusiasts, you should not miss Hokkaido to taste the freshness.

Visit local market with fresh seafood, by local guides. It is fun to customize your own rice bowl by choosing your favorite sashimi toppings. Also, visit local's favorite restaurants such as sushi, taraba crab, ramen noodles, lamb BBQ, robata (grilled seafood), and more.

For Gourmet Enthusiasts

In the daytime, on the way to your destinations, it is fun to drop by local outdoor venders of ice cream, baked potatoes, griled sweet corn on the cob as well as gourmet shops of cheese, cakes, fruit jam, etc. Also, we can arrange a tour to chocolate factory, ice cream factory, beer brewery, ended with sample tastings.

Or, stay at a established ryokan (Japanese traditional hotel) to enjoy exclusive full-course dinner with fresh crabs, seafood, beef and more.

For Your Relaxation at hot springs

For Your Relaxation at hot springs

For those who would like just serenity, relax at luxurious ryokans or hotels with hot springs in Hokkaido. Soak yourself in outdoor hot spring with a great nature view, which is believed to moisten your skin and soothe your muscle pain after outdoor activities. In winter, enjoy hot spring while you are watching the snow fall. After hot spring, enjoy aromatherapy or shiatsu massage in the esthetic salon on site.

After that, enjoy full-course Hokkaido dinner with fresh igredinents such as organic vegetables, wagyu beef, taraba and kegani crab, sea urchin, scallops, salmon and ikura eggs and more.

For Nature lovers


Explore Hokkaido by hiking through the scenic mountain paths filled with blooming alpine plants, overlooking lakes and waterfalls. Or bring your binocular for an easy hike on boardwalks in the
marshlands registered as Ramsar treaty. You might encounter deer, fox, squirrels, wild birds and more. You will be escorted by English-speaking local nature guide.


Take your paddle and experience pristine nature of Hokkaido. Explore the largest marshland in Japan as a sanctuary of Japanese cranes by canoeing in the gentle stream. Or learn basic canoe technique in the most beautiful river in Japan by canoe masters. After paddling, enjoy your BBQ or special Dutch oven lunch.

Also, we can arrange horse riding, fishing, bird watching, scenic boat ride, etc for your deeper understanding.


Snowshoeing / Skiing
Snowshoeing is fun winter activity for people of all abilities. If you can walk, you can snowshoe. Snowshoeing provides some of the best winter wonderland scenery by foot during the snow months from December to March. Enjoy your winter journey on hiking trails, mountains, along seacoast, or around frozen lakes. Feel the snow, wind and spirits of great nature.
Hokkaido boasts world-class ski slopes with powder snow, which are designed for all levels of skiers. We can arrange a ski class with English-speaking instructors. Rental equipment can be also arranged in advance.


Also we can arrange winter activities such as snow mobile ride, dog sledding, igloo making, cross country skiing, ice breaking cruise and more. There are many winter festivals with snow sculpture, ice slides, food venders in Hokkaido.

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