Nikko 1 Day Private Tour

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Experience our custom-made private tour of Nikko with a licensed local guide. Our guides are very knowledgeable, friendly and flexible. Enjoy visiting a combination of important tourist attractions, and off-the beaten sites. Let us know your interests, and we will propose your ideal itinerary. For last minute inquiries, our licensed guides will recommend places to visit on the day of your tour.

Sample Itinerary (10 hours)

Enjoy private walking tour in Nikko, including historical temples and shrines registered as UNESCO World Heritage as well as natural wonder that Nikko has to offer.

Your tour guide (licensed tour guide) will pick you up in the hotel lobby in Tokyo. Move to Nikko by limited express train. In Nikko, you will move by taxis, buses and on foot.

You will pass by sacred red bridge (Shinkyo). Shinkyo, part of Futarasan Shrine, stands at the entrance to Nikko's historical and architectural assets.

Visit Toshogu shrine, built by Shogun Tokugawa to enshrine him as the God to be the peace keeping guardian in Japan. Enjoy gorgeous architecture with multi-colored carvings and gold leaf under Chinese influence. (Note that Yomeimon Gate is presently under reconstruction.)

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Then, move to Futarasan shrine, established with a respect for Mt. Futara (today's Mt. Nantai). People believed that there were deities in mountains for natural phenomenon such as clouds, rain, snow and thunder.

Lunch at local eatery can be recommended (Lunch is not included in the tour price)

After lunch, visit Kegon Waterfall in Nikko National Park, which is known as Japan's three most beautiful falls. Enjoy a stunning view from the observation deck. The Kegon waterfall coming down from 100 meters high is absolutely dynamic.

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Take a train back to Tokyo (2 hours). Return to your hotel in Tokyo.

Price for this sample itinerary

(price per group)

2 persons3 persons4 persons
10 hours 110,000 yen 123,000 yen 145,000 yen

(8% consumption tax included)

Including: English speaking tour guide, entrance fees, reserved seats in limited express between Asakusa and Nikko, taxis between Nikko to Kegon Fall, public bus rides in Nikko area.
Not Including: Lunch cost, optional activities

  1. The price is for the above sample itinerary.
  2. We will customize your own tour depending on your interests and time. If the sample itinerary is fine, please tell us so. If not, tell us what you wish to do in Nikko. For example, we can include some of the following alternatives (optional programs or places).
  3. This itinerary assumes using trains from and to Tokyo. To travel more easily, it is possible to arrange a car throughout the tour at extra fee. Ask price of a tour with a private car. If you would like to start or end in other cities, please also contact us for the price.
  4. Please contact us on prices for more than 5 persons
  5. If you can spend more than a day, we strongly recommend staying overnight in or around Nikko. We recommend staying in a nice classic hotel or hot spring ryokans in Nikko area.


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Strawberry picking (From December to May)

Visiting strawberry park can be an option before going to Nikko. Enjoy 30 minutes all-you-can-eat strawberry picking. Japanese strawberries are surprisingly sweet and beautifully shaped. Tochigi prefecture is one of the most famous places in Japan for strawberry cultivation. Tochigi's strawberries are now exported to overseas countries.
Strawberry picking can be enjoyed from December to June

* Subject to availability.


Kanmangafuchi Anyss has been created by lava erupted from Mt. Nantai long time ago. About 70 of Ojizo stone statues (called "Bake (Ghost) Jizo") are properly lined up in south bank of the river and their facial expressions are different one by one. This serene short hiking path (10-15 minutes), which creates even eerie atmosphere, is an interesting place for those who are looking for off-the-beaten spot in Nikko.

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Tamozawa Imperial Villa memorial Park

The villa, partially used as a residence for Kishu Tokugawa family in Edo period, was relocated to Nikko in 1899, combined with local banker's villa, and served as a summer residence for Imperial family. The architecture, one of the largest one of this kind in Japan, showcases not only lifestyle and culture of Imperial family, but also the traditional architectural style of different periods.

Request for a Private Tour

To request for a private tour, contact us by E-mail ( or call us ( +81-3-5213-5040). Please tell us the following information

  1. Your name, address, phone number
  2. Number of persons in the group
  3. Date of tour
  4. Meeting place (hotel in Tokyo or other cities)
  5. Interests or alternative places (including the ones among the above options)
  6. Lunch requests
    7) Allergies or food you cannot eat


Please pay by credit card. You will receive an E-mail with an URL where payment can be made online. The page is protected by Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to ensure the safety of your credit card information. We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Diners, and JCB.

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