Highlights of Kyushu, Southern Island

Highlights of Kyushu, Southern Island

This six day itinerary lets you discover cultural and natural diversities in Kyushu. Enjoy mountain and ocean scenery, unique history, art and craft, luxury hot spring onsen ryokan, and unique local cuisine such as beef, pork, seafood and more.

Kyushu's warm climate and geomorphic features have created volcanic mountains, an abundance of hot spring areas and picturesque greenery highland.

Sample Itinerary Overview

Day 1 Arrive at Fukuoka Airport, Sightseeing in Fukuoka/Hakata

Arrive at Fukuoka Airport. Move to center of Fukuoka city, known as Hakata. Explore lively city center such as Nakasu, Canal City and Hawks Town as well as savor local gourmet food that keep attracting visitors. Also Dazaifu Tenmangu shrine near Fukuoka city is also worth visiting, which is worshipped as the god of academic achievements.

Day 2 Pottery Towns (Karatsu, Arita or Imari) & Nagasaki

Privately guided tour to Nagasaki. On the way, visit pottery towns. Karatsu, Arita and Imari towns have been producing high-quality pottery and porcelain with techniques learned from Korea about 500 years ago. Ceramic studios, historical pottery merchant's house, galleries, and internationally recognized companies are located in these towns.
Stay overnight at the hotel in Nagasaki city. Enjoy spectacular Nagasaki's night view from Mt. Inasa in Nagasaki, regarded as one of the three greatest night views in the world.


Day 3 Nagasaki and Kumamoto

Enjoy a private day tour in Nagasaki escorted by local guide. Visit Peace Memorial Park which was established to commemorate over 150,000 victims hit by atomic bomb in August 9, 1945. Then, move to Chinatown which was once called "Shanghai in Nagasaki Prefecture" where many Chinese people settled down as an important trading port of Japan. Also, picturesque European residences for foreign traders and the oldest Catholic Gothic style wooden church are located on the hill overlooking Nagasaki Port. For your lunch, Chanpon (ramen noodle with mixed stir fry created by local Chinese people) or Shippoku (Chinese & Portuguese influenced full-course Japanese cuisine) can be recommended as an unique experience in Nagasaki. In the afternoon, move to Kumamoto. Stay overnight at a deluxe hotel in Kumamoto City

Day 4 Kumamoto, Mt. Aso

Privately guided tour of Kumamoto and Mt. Aso National Park. Enjoy Kumamoto in the morning, such as traditional Japanese garden with pine trees and pond. Move to one of the best hot spring areas in Kyushu, such as Yufuin and Kurokawa. On the way to hot spring resort, enjoy a scenic drive in Mt. Aso area. Stay at a traditional hot spring ryokan in either Mt Aso, Kurokawa or Yufuin. We are happy to recommend a luxury hot spring (onsen) ryokan that suits your preferences.

Day 5 Beppu, hot spring town


Privately guided tour to Beppu, on the way to Fukuoka/Hakata. Beppu boasts the largest quantity of hot spring water in Japan, and the hot spring resort consists of 8 hot springs, each with different quality of water.


Move back to Fukuoka for your last night. In the evening, experience Fukuoka's local cuisine such as Mizutaki chicken hot pot or Tonkotsu ramen noodles in pork bone broth. Stay at deluxe hotel in the city.

Day 6 Transfer to Fukuoka Airport

Transfer to Fukuoka Airport. Have a safe flight!

The tour price will differ according to many factors such as the rank of accommodation (e.g. 5-star hotel, 3-star ryokan), way of transportation (e.g. train, private car), number of days with a private guide, duration of your tour, or season. Please contact us. One of our tour consultants will come up with an ideal plan and cost for you.

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